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your life

Bombarded by multiple choices 24/7
Navigating a tangled web of logic and passion
Guided by subconscious voices, astute and sharpened
I am a human rocket on a mission of deployment
I've been cocked and loaded, ready for the culmination
I am a human missile guided by a secret
Guided by the voice of silence,
I seek the chosen ones
To fullfill the wishes
Of the master beneath
Their souls are mine to keep
Sold for hopes
Guided by voices and led by thieves
Don't move to California
And sell me out, cause I won't, sell me out

Say what you want
a glade he'd not beheld before. 

"Where are you, my father? 
Give wisdom to your son" 
Now lost, the boy was guided
the flood come down
And wash it all away
Baptized in black light
I feel your touch
And I'm whole again

I'm a criminal
Who surrendered
Found my truth
your soul
Haunted by your hair
Haunted by your clothes
Haunted by your eyes
By your soul, by your hair
By your clothes, by your eyes
By your voice, by
your voice, by your smile
By your mouth, by your soul
By your hair, by your clothes
By your eyes, by your voice
By your smile, by your mouth
By your
Voices that call spirits in waiting
Sharing the drink of the bond
A broth of roots and charms
Spells under a twisted tree

Heretic, burn at the cross
I'm waiting four years
Just to feel your touch
Waiting four whole years
To say how much I care
The flowers I gave you
Died, lost and thrown away
voices and touch the sun
My heart beats strong for Africa
Joy to the child, the gift of the wild, bring light into this land
I dream of Africa, children
For he promises to come running, guided by the truth

But the Shadow Man is really you
Look in his eyes and see your reflection
How I have come to resemble those things you like No
Hidden seams are here

No happy faces
Guided by stellar voices

Now let me do it for you
the stairway to the sea
Where the mist softly kissed two lovers
Hiding from others our love by the sea

Why try to find a new love
When your voice keeps
always take you for granted
A voice in the back of my mind said
You could be waiting your whole life
For her to open her eyes
Words and music by Bob Hartman
Based on Job 13:22

I've been away for a little while
And I don't like where it takes me
Out of touch I'm going out
the ground
No, their feet don't touch the ground

I heard a stranger with your voice
It took me by surprise
Again I found it wasn't you
Just an angel in
your manly friend.
A star 'bove the mire
Is her husbandly choice

Locked in his tower
By the enchanted voice
Of the Starguard Rhina
With his lips
I look around, my life stands before me
I hear the sound, of words that will restore me
Guided by the vision of the truth that will abound
your manly friend.

A star 'bove the mire is her husbandly choice
Locked in his tower
By the enchanted voice
Of the Starguard Rhina
With his lips
waiting for you to say anything, anything, yeah

I know you are the only one
My little taste of heaven
You know I am the only one
Your bitter taste of hell
relieved from
All the torture and pain
After fighting war for
Values sacred and holy
In the history of mankind
Your name will remain
Guided by your fearless
your manly friend.

A star 'bove the mire is her husbandly choice
Locked in his tower
By the enchanted voice
Of the Starguard Rhina
With his lips
Bloody snow is falling 
My veins are frozen 
Blood turns into ice 
I can see them 
They are waiting for me 

Creating Gods 
In your illusions
of you
 Holds the key to the answers to the questions
 And so my story continues, but this time I am guided by the voice
 Of love, every step that I