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a nigga strike out
But that never will happen, they hatin'
So I Jackie Robinson them with a smile
Ahead of these suckers by miles
I told you from jump
(Parody of "Unbelieveable" by Diamond Rio (Al Anderson/Jeffrey Steele, Al Andersongs (BMI)/Mighty Nice Music (BMI), Administered by Blue Water Music
[Verse 1]

I'm gangsta steppin

Representin my block

Jokes be the name

702 comin through yo hood

Putting hollow slugs all up in your brain

All up
Call it what you want
But it ain't an anthem 'til the strippers moving
(But it ain't an anthem 'til the strippers moving)

I guess I got
From Las Vegas to Delaware on down to there
I'm a thousandaire
Mackin' bitches, draggin' em down the strip juss' by they hair 
Like "Oh dear!"