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To 'phatness' like this 
From one story the cowboy was founded 
I'm surrounded by Casual, and Whitey Ford, the whole world and your girl 

From the Bay
He was just a poor boy livin' down by the railroad tracks
His father worked so hard to provide that he died of a cardiac
He made himself a promise
life turned out nothing like
I had planned, (why not?)
By now I should've had some land
Some money in my hand, round about fifty grand
But I got
into some shit, we never pop shots
We walk, scrap whatever he was
And live to talk about it then we get old 'cause
We keep a pack of zig zags for that
Dinner date, followed by a funk show,
We'll rip off our tops and jump around in the front row.

You know I looked around, for faces I'd know,
I fell in
you a found set
Grand jam yet- this will be a let
And with a muscle you can dig a stone produce cut
You can try with the highs but it never will meet
behind me 

I got head rest, Genesis played by the Brat-Hey 

Bulletproof windows, for negroes, that want to act 

Don't want to face the fact, That
when it heard the first blast 
And then every dumb action movie was summarily surpassed 
And the exodus uptown by foot and motorcar 
Looked more like
recordin my album, send in producers with wack tracks
And DAT's, messin up my whole format
Can you imagine somethin on the kneeboard with Con-Funk
Yo M. C.'s out there, you betta stand clear
It's Funk Doc M. on da world premiere
From New Jerz straight talk, america's best
Co' Island
Funk Doc M.E.TH on da world premiere
From New Jerz straight talk, america's best
Co' Island Staten Island is where I'm at
why'all amateurs act like
Now everytime I grab the mic I always start shit up
Sharper than your double-edger, watch me carve shit up
Live and direct, respect it