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of the horned one
Who laughs as blood freezing as gaze in the eyes of the beasts

Three crosses her skin
A soul for Satan to win

Three crosses That so
And through our eyes you Upon the forthcoming millennium

The sacred blood of gods creation is gone
And her soul is now in the hands of the horned one
Rise into the elder world
The burning purgatory
Deadly cosmic terror
The lowest dephts of hell

I signed the book of blood
By will - now that's
The circle of bones has been sealed,
Prepared for these most ancient rites.
Three virgin cunts arrested by chains,
Gut them like pigs,
Let their
This ichor of your kisses...

Weave thy dark spells,
'neath the bright moon,
Witch-fire is glimmering through
Sunken marble halls.

The Black Gate
victories have their cost.
But hope shall conquer hate
For light Open the Gates,
Open the Gates.
Through the mists of Hell we ride
To the battle side by side
The Devil's blood
Through the pentagram's maze

To open the gates to where deformations form
To unearthly mysteries and fire
From stigmatized wounds now
Forever being stung by wasps and demons breath
The blood and tears that fall serve the maggots need

Descention, thrusting to the second plain

(demon) 4 holes, 3 nails
(killa) the Blood of Christ will prevail
Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadows of my neighborhood
The inception of new life would free them of contagion
Magnificent it was this structure of seclusion
Surrounded by these walls so massive yet elusive
The gates
Glanton’s men were killers all by trade
And through the prison bars a deal was made 
Glanton needed three new men 
Hired the lovelorn veteran
The killers
Until I passed through so many a gate
That not even the blame and the hate of my father could follow

so roll me into my last shallow bed
held three seasons
Imparadised, whilst we writhed
To psycho-dramas penned by aerial decree
Now freed to plunder
Heaven torn asunder
from the darkest corner (x4)

(3rd Verse- Violent J, (Shaggy2Dope), [Monoxide Child], {Jamie Maddrox})
{Damien called for many hours, in puddles of blood
and think 
I lose myself in a cradle of a sadistic hate
I slowly shake
It rings in my blood, and I salivate 
Like a chorus of cats in heat,
nigga; you can't tell I got cash?
Got together so fruity, 26 inches
(Girl, ain't that Blood Raw?) You can't tell I got bitches?
I'm a three summer soul
for the Bloods 
The whites for the cops, and the stars come from the clubs 
Or the slugs that ignites, through the night, by the dawn 
Early light,

Kings on your pawn, checkmate, no fakes 

opposed through the gate, case closed 

Things get froze, when it comes time, chosen ones 

were holding
seven inches four pounds, been through so many towns
Ohio to Little Rock to Canarsie, livin harshly
Beat up and battered, they pull me out
I watch
I'm the lord of the dead
Servant to the darkside
The master of enslavement
The face of agony
Through my darkened empty soul
Flows boiling blood
Eagle, semi-auto with lead
I'm seven inches four pounds, been through so many towns
Ohio to Little Rock to Canarsie, livin harshly
Beat up and battered,
Lift party hats out of Craft Depot
Unleaded liar blood pumped through his neck
Came down from the mountain
Tuff with two F's

At Venice by the ocean
Rag-top Trey hits the three-wheel motion
There's gangsters all around
Still crazy sets, but you just don't clown
I pray L.A. can stay
get through frontin' niggas out here already know that you ain't gon' shoot nothing
End up at the pearly gates when they test you
Gotta dirty face but
Logical was hatred 
Some replacement killer came through, left small traces
Engraved his chest
Left him for death
Left him on his last breath