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Without a friend
(Thank you)
Or just another number
(Thank you)
With a tragic end
(Thank you, oh!)
But you didn't see fit
(Thank you)
To let none
the barge go by   He comin' to talk to you / Norman Who is Senator Pullman anyway  Why do I have to signal the barge? / Iris Welcome to the Caribbean, put
by myself
(Thank You)
Without a friend
(Thank You)
Or just another number
(Thank You)
With a tragic end
(Thank You, oh!)
But You didn't see fit
Thank you, thank you very much
For comin' out this evening

Thank you, thank you, thank you
You're far too kind
Hold you're applause
This is
Thank you, thank you very much
For comin' out this evening

Thank you, thank you, thank you
You're far too kind
Hold you're applause
This is
God my kingdom was overthrown by the soul redeemer

Deviation from the common rule
Something or
Somebody that’s abnormal
That doesn’t fit
hat's too tight and by the way
Things are going well, thank You so much
The smile I give is from the soul
My knees are bent, and my hands are folded
the mists of June
And the whole world is lit up by the Culver Moon

Baby I'm going to love you 'til the stars come down
'Til they park their limos
I look out across corn rows from a dirt road
Baby's kicked back in the front seat
Got her bare fit hanging out the window

We take a trip down

Thanks for the letter that you sent
Reminding me not to give in!

"Dear Punk Rock Star:
I'm just kidding - but I like to call you that
a circle make it fit
Never mind and make sure of it
Stuffing one bird into another
I'm way over here
I'm with you brother
Ruled by the voice that tells
That'll do"

"Carmichael was a credit to the force
In everything he did
It's like we've got a big hole in our side 
Where he fit
If any of you
an hour.
Come on let's get the plumbing in,
(Cor, blimey...what a shower!

Off we go on our holiday, and it's you we have to thank...

"Fellas, I
to make you cheer
As long as you're not sick or poor
A negro or a queer.
We can fit you with a suit of clothes
That will make you look like us,
showed on his face
Hunger for food showed through his loose clothes
That you could tell were once tailored to fit
And a distant look was in his eyes
never stopped believing
Oh daddy
It hurt to watch you walkin' out
But understand it made me stronger now
And so satisfied
And so full of pride
Tomorrow without fail
Pleased to meet you, thanks a lot
Your check is in the mail, lies

Marooned, marooned
Marooned in a blizzard of lies
Marooned, marooned
tomorrow without fail
Pleased to meet you, thanks a lot, your check is in the mail

Marooned, marooned, marooned in a blizzard of lies
Marooned, marooned,
You Get 3 or 4 Birds where I'm from we call you rich
I'd Like To Thank The Hood Homie Is All Behind Me


I'm So Hood
Trick Daddy,
and understand and grow
and I give thanks for that no sleepin

you say it ain't my life
it don't really mean shit
but if you think for a minute
then it fits

at the mercy
Of the little man within

Hey mister how did you fit
Into the same shoes as him?
No more mercy, mo more mercy
Show no mercy, no more mercy
I want to earn my way under your covers
Waste a day in the middle of summer
12th floor windows open from the ground
You could walk right out onto
a record about doin drugs and name it after her (oh thank you!)

You know you blew up when the women rush your stands
And try to touch your hands like
Johnny got up one mornin' he went down to the company store
Got him a big box of bullets to fit into his 44
The storeman said son are you gonna
You can hear her shriek from the gashes in her cheeks
No, I'm not a freak, I am meekly a creep that
Neighbors by the creek say that my house stinks