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fresh air
I'd miss my mates
This place is a state

You'd do your work from home
Online or on the phone
I could grow vegetables
Sounds like a load of balls
They say in chess, you gotta kill the queen
And then you mate it
Oh I, do you?
A funny thing, the king who gets himself assassinated
Hey now,
by the mate
And he steered us through the shadows
Upon an angry tide
And cast us one by one over the side

But it's kind of hot and smoky
In this
Sitting all alone with my whisky on ice,
I wonder why he's not with me tonight.
If the rain be on tonight then I won't sleep.
I'm haunted by this
purple haze
Then one day they woke up from their dream state
They found themselves no more at peace than before
Older, meek, and conformed

Empty causes
the state and affect the earth
And pass my spirit on again
Until it's triggered by a birth
I resonate
You Resonate
I say echo
You vibrate

I'm in this
Frustrated would-be presidents of united states.
We don't know how to cope with ourselves,
Or to love our mates for being themselves.

I want my love
Poured out by the old
And the oldest of old
Those women without sleep
The town fell asleep
I forgot what it's called
At the spring
Where it wept a corner
Soul mate
Before you close the blinds
Look at the blue Los Angeles sky
Breathe in the palm trees floating by
Did you ever dream you'd live
Bring it straight to that state 
Of being her man and she's my mate 
Look Mr. DJ her cherry lips 

She's a real trip 
Goody good you're
other guys
One little barred up window in the rear
My cell mate said if they had let me bring some money in
We ought to send the jailer for some beer
Girl local and out of state I got a couple of them in my gates ready to mate

line dialectic
Dig the perspective
Of an open minded skeptic
Where you're skeptical
Looks don't count
Better off judging by rhymebooks
And share
When they meet their 400-pound mate
If I could rule the world
Everyone would have a gun in the ghetto of course
When giddyuping on their horse
I kick
straight to that state
Of being her man and she's my mate
Look Mr DJ her cherry lips
She's a real trip
Goody good you're under my hood
fraud state of mind
Caught me by surprise. But then I read between the lines/
Heard through the grapevine number five wrote your rhymes
at the bar 
Bad idea to start again late, should've given my brain a break 
Take it easy mate, you start to think you're a state, you definitely are a state
the forest's gates
I'm sorry mate but these ends are in a sorry state
You can't relate
Yeah well you can fuck off can't you mate
Your heart is fake
And the newspaper for me get me in such a vexed state
Kill a man with your bare hand even if your best mates
'Cause if you believe every word the press says 
body down to the ground

Gotta holla' to my fellas who be hangin' by the
Bathroom door
Waitin' for the honeys dance in the dance floor
Push up
Round de mile Jerry don't need no associate  
Me chat by meself me no combinate  
Me study very hard because me want graduate  
Up de MC ladder I man
of friends
yet you still hate, a nigga fresh out the gate (un huh)
enemy of the state (un huh) rappers love to hate
rhymes by the crate, make these ho's
death bed, you stick to your sheets
The disease has developed to a most sever state
Ashes to ashes, genitals to jelly
Your personal gender soon to fall
face fast
The full blast

Then skate to the next state
Further upstate, I heard they got crazy weight
Bagged up by the gates, in crates like disco breaks
state to state,
We were just three mates rocking beats and breaks,
So if you made it to a Hoods show to check the style,
You get much respect, you made it