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Sworn In · Sworn Enemy


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my AP nine on jam
I'm a rider you can't take it out of me man
I be wilding, you can wait by my house for me fam
I will fire and drop a hater right
and what about Tupac 
my little brother see-Murder went to jail with AP-9 and two glocks
this ghetto got me trapped these fiends drivin' me crazy 
I'm a bust my shit 
Scary niggas in your click ain't prepare for this 
Double eye slugs and twelve gauge think this 
Hit em with the AP 9 or the M 1
and what about Tupac 
my little brother see-Murder went to jail with AP-9 and two glocks
this ghetto got me trapped these fiends drivin' me crazy 
???? ???? California, I'm best ta warn ya you'll end up like Freddy 
Fuckin' with my 'fetti, we mobbin' three-deep in Chevy 
AP-9, Bo and I rider, we
or die, nigga 
Nine's nigga's time's tickin' when I blow your mind, nigga 
Call me AP-9, nigga, boogie's when we rhyme, nigga 
I hit the block and have
to make that mail
Day by day livin'
An nobody don't want no static
A-P 9 in the attic
Five stripes, I'm wreckin' traffic
Pullin' a G daily
Watch how I
The spell has been broken 
The curse has been lifted
Black is the wind on the heels
Of the gifted
Four sworn to vengeance, 
See the hate in our
Spawn of the ever rolling abyss
Ever espousing unluminous
Charred soul - Burned at rebirth
Quest not save the death of the sun

Repulsed by
To be alive 
To be alive
A live burning force
Forever more and evermore
I feed the fire 
There is a road straight
To my heart
Traveled by
the plague of a nation 
Consumed by intoxication and confined by a crippling greed 
In my rage 
I walk the path of true change 
Commitment sworn in
revolation 9

Death will surround them
To secrecy they're sworn
Creating days of destruction
Mayhem, violence, pure paranoia
In massacre reborn
grows the lime and the orange, 
And the apple on the pine; 
But a' the charms o' the Indies 
Can never equal thine. 

I hae sworn by the Heavens
And once it started was harder to 
Tell them apart

He was always distracted 
By the very mention 
Of an open door 
'Cause he had sworn not to be what
[lyrics by Christian Lesegue and Bob Parduba]

Rise to the order of a supreme society
Strike down rebellion control identity


Call upon the dead
They were and once more will be
Warriors of KUR
Rulers of the black earth

Invocation in unknown
Sworn enemy of the nazarene

Possessed by satan
Possessed by hell
Infernal death, eternal torture

Behind the veil of death
Possessed by satan
Winter's setting in again
And it feels
Like the end is near
Senseless sense and I'm alone
Watching' the seconds
Passing' by

Come January I
Sworn to the starlight
Tonight is the night
Call from the wild, I can feel it
Endless horizon 
No sun in sight 
House of eternal hunt

I take one
The desert is my prophet
As our lives end by the minute
Stand up straight and fucking put on your war paint

Time to die
Hammer high
Name your price
Accuse you of a crime
Sentenced to endless time
The price you have to pay
Won't get away!
Sworn in by the stand
Your rights are gone
[Lyrics by Tharen]

Forgotten powers are revealed
By fire we are sworn -
To the everlastingness, to eternity, to the void
The sign of the dragon
Here's a song
Here's a little punk rock song for you
A little punk rock called
I think it was written by the Ramones

In the early 70's
Maybe before

Life is born of agony's strain
Manifested in suffering
Most live crippled by fear,
I'd rather walk it off on bloody stumps until
under the gun
And this war inside is never won
I have always sworn that I won't conform
And I'm not going to suffer anymore

No I won't fall in line