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I go by the name Kishar Anderson
Born on 2.3.90
And I must say, my life, I've been through a lot
It hasn't been an easy road for me.

But one
to roll with tha thugs tonight
Well its alright, baby its alright

[Verse 2: Sean Paul]
So get with it, we want (to) hit it, we nah quit it
And I like
But the land was already claimed by a people
When the cowboy came and when the soldiers came
The story of the American Indian is in a lot of ways
page from Bris
He told me he saw Sean and two chicks followed by four whips
Somewhere in the Florida sticks
It's a set up
Tell the crew to keep their
Have you ever heard the story of the pride of Little Big Horn
Right from the lips of someone that saw
Well I was there on that cold and fateful
gotta do is tell me that you goin' be down tonight


[Verse 3: Sean Paul]
Strip club shorty
Big boy bought it
Had to holla at her
Caught by many, broke two fuckin' arms, son, engage for bail
Beat the case, got my big gauge, back as well

With rap, you can sing such amazing tales,
a little story of an American family

She waited for him in World War two
He fought the European campaign
Their son John spent two years in Nam
That war it
big yea you know whut we about

Yea always stayin sharp come straight out tha cleaners
Smoke 2 blunts up out my own dont make it a mistermeaner
There's lots of stories in the big city
And two sides to every one
If you've ever been inside a triangle
There's only so far you can run
Alone in
Have you ever heard the story
Of the fight of Little Big Horn
Right from the lips
Of someone that saw?

Well, I was there on that
There's lots of stories in the big city
And two sides to every one
If you've ever been inside a triangle
There's only so far you can run
Alone in
Of His long book of life

After He passed thirty-two
If you don't die in glory
At the age of Christ
Then your story is still coming true

by The Black Album I was blacking out
Party at S.O.B's and we had packed the crowd
Big brother got his show up in Madison Square
And I'm like yea, yea
[The Game (Dre)]
What happened in hip hop
That got Pac and big shot
The thicks blocks
Now every rapper claim 
He let his clique pop
But even
And change yo plans
It's the numbers on your phone
And numbers on your cell

Verse 2 Juicy J
I ain't messed up by messin crooked cowards
Wit a nigga name
Dame and B.I.G's brother
Who was hip hop brother, who was No I.D. friend
No I.D. my mentor, now let the story begin, begin
Let the story begin, the story
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Come on bro, we can both fall down
Remember the dead boys
Got a big old cheap plastic bottle of gin
Nasty, but it'll do you in
Got to keep on talkin' so
that I could never forget
Never forget her

Now this next girl (True story)
She fucked up my whole world
Called me by my first name (Torrance)
don't make up you mind take another look before you decide

'Cause there are two sides to every story
Two different ways of looking
In a bar room down in Georgia sits an old man
His whisker grey and two or three days old
You can tell he's dreaming up another story
Just in case
Drake, J Coles, and Big Seans
Time for the world to pay homage
Bow to the rap Gods or them K's vomit
Fuck you know about Dipset you little dipshit
If you
Surrounded by the wolves in the wilderness
Liquor piss, slit your wrists so niggas won't get pistol-whipped
Mo' niggas won't get pistol-whipped
If I was you,
up, then you're distant
Never knew a girl so inconsistent
I'm a big-shot at half past one
A so-and-so by two
Heaven forgive you for your sins