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the credits roll starring nas executive poet, produced, directed by
The kid slash escobar

Narration describes the lives and laws tribes in the ghetto trying
explain my plateau
And also what defines my name

Yeah, long live the idols, may they never be your rivals
Pac was like Jesus, Nas wrote the Bible
Now what
Here we come baby it?s a party bitch! 
Here we come baby it?s a party bitch! 
Here we come baby it?s a party bitch! 
If you mad at me HEY
Yeah, NFL, Boyz II Men
Characters baby
Meet me on the dance floor, come on

It's like this, in a nice miss we faked it some
Intro: Nas and Large Professor
Yeah, it's Illmatic (yeah)
It's Illmatic (yeah!)
It's Illmatic, huh
(yeah kick that shit)

[LP] One time 4 your
Some bwoy cyan please me 
Dem jus na ready 
Na know fi flag me 
If you sturdy 
Check me! 

Baby are you up for dis 
Give me all dat
[Intro & Chorus: Wyclef Jean]
I am your doctor (Yeah yeah yeah) here's the prescription (Girl!!!)
Two teaspoons of my friendship, a full cup of my
[Intro: Nas]
Yo, I want the Langston Hughes and Alex Haley
Got blazed before they told stories
I'ma get blazed before I tell y'all stories
I saw
[Intro: Nas]
Yea, niggaz want to talk about this rap shit
Niggaz want to talk about this money
About these cars, these homes, these labels
[Intro Skit]
Someday I'm gonna be walkin down the streets,
mindin my own business.. and BAM!!
I'm gon' be shot by some pig who's gonna SWEAR
Do this, zagga zagga za, mi tickin off di clock, yagga yagga yo
Zagga nagga nagga na na na, zagga ziggy zagga na na na
Zagga zagga now
The unauthorized copy. Dedication to my children, my child
Destiny Jones. To my niece and nephews, Suree, Malik, Jabari.
The world is
Yuh know di consequence and Jamaican a deliva
Drive by plus one a dem go stick inna yuh liva
Jennifer mi go hear har seh yuh tek Melissa n***a
Aye my nigga, do me a favor. (What's that my nigga?)
If you happen to bump into the streets
Can you please tell him I'm back? (oh okay I'll do
(feat. Junior Reid)

[Intro: Junior Reid]
Stonyahoy!!! Stigading wuy na na ding ding wuy!!! Yeah ha ha ha!!!

[Chorus: Junior Reid]
Yes I waan
I'm just a young boy, trying to get my money on
Making music in K.C., he-he-he-he-he
But Mitch Bade nigga's, wanna hate Techa Nina,
Woke up this mornin', (yeah)
You got yo'self a gun (yeah, yeah, yeah)
Got yo'self a gun

Yo, I'm livin' in this time behind enemy
[Intro: Ras Kass]
Ah what's crack-a-lackin zr's and shit
Ya know DJ the boy brooklyn's own masses
It goes

[Chorus: Ras Kass]
Ahha if you like
[Intro: Kid Capri]
Oh yeah.. as we celebrate hip-hop, baby
Oh yeah.. as we celebrate hip-hop, baby, whoa
Yeah, it's Ghostface and the man Kid
[Intro: Juelz Santana]
For lovin me girl
Just want to thank you
Look at what you can do man
Free I like this shit right here man
Girl see'mon
Ay yo 50
What I tell you
We ain't even have to say shit
They did it

Monkey see monkey do
Don't ever
the game away
From all these clone type niggas try'na sound like Pimp C (Pimp C!)
He's OK but he's not me! (uh!)
By a long shot, cause 'bout, try'na
unfold, intro on drum roll
We be the Lik like E, Tash, and J-Ro
We harass niggas like we was the po-po
We can rule the world without Kurtis and still

Never no more, never no more
Never will a sucka score, never no more
Never no more, never no more
Never will a sucka score, never
the foolishness!
The love movement, we explored
And brought to you, Spooks sittin' by the door


[Vers 3 - Chali 2na]
Yo, these self-proclaimed kings