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you say that jah walk a blazing fire
but my people won't watch the other
they were all sung by you
and now we act 
you said it Jah walk
you say that jah walk a blazing fire
but my people won't watch the other
they were all sung by you
and now we act 
you said it Jah walk
I'm blazing a trail that leads to vice
So easily enticed
By darker means
When out of the wilderness of choice
I hear that one still voice
broke through 
The blazing sky, up above 
The aura of the moment 
Invasion from above 

The conflict still lay up ahead 
Where cowards fear to tread
my starkest thoughts
No language known to man
Portrays my naked sentiment

A bolt of blazing gold,
Swallowed by the waveless sea
The ocean-winds
Arise once more
Blazing - mighty
Empowered by darkness

Shattered remains
Pierced by deep earth
Dreams of mortals
Enclosed in flames
Time after time as we march side by side
Through the valleys of evil and the torturing souls
Night after night, for the glory we fight
they still belong
When the sands of time are gone

Rise over shadow mountains blazing with power
Crossing valleys endless tears in unity we stand
was raptured by a blazing image

At the bottom of the spring
A pale and charming maid was laying

Singing sweet melodies
Captured by her perfect
So slide to the bottom of the dark and lie still
Where you can write what you want and sleep now
Until you learn to let go of elusive things
And the earth is a different kind of blue

But I still can't get far enough away

Sometimes it's scary
To fly by the seat of your pants
But I can't stop now
Grandpa's down
By the two lane
In the blazing sun
Or pouring rain
Sells tomatoes
From the back
Of his pickup truck
Reads the Bible line for
a reborn bird of fire
She flies towards the blazing sky and
Greets the dawn

Too many answers still to find
Before we run out of all time
I wish that
and drenched in tears
They laid Him down in Joseph's tomb.
The entrance sealed by heavy stone
Messiah still and all alone

O praise the name of the Lord our God
to you 
I'll need you body and soul 
Until the blazing sun turns cold 
'til the Orlov diamond refuses to shine 
'Til that moment baby baby you're mine
Still we follow
A blazing trail of chemistry.
Something in the air
Beckons you to dare
To fly into the sun ever higher
To finish what the flame
That prosperity esteems
Where the spirit raves and dances
Through our very veins

At winter's edge you found me
By the fields of wild gold
don't see this strange world
Quite the same as me
Don't deny me what I am
Nothing hidden still you fail to see the truth
These are things you can't
hanging over me
I've walked the line, stood by your side,
I've kept you company
And all those times you felt like crying,
I've held you close to me
Buried beneath forgotten cryptic stones
Enshrined in silence, embraced by darkness
Belonging to the hidden ancient race
Am I still dead but
and die by the sword

And like the sun, he rises with golden light
Reaching with his rays into the world
But like the sun, each time he's destined
You can't sit still.
I watched your movement from the corner catch my eye.
Imagining you here right by my side.
The fire in your eyes is blazing
Well it might have been the blazing hell
You want to know to save the world
Now we get to Nassau

The do has been tamed
Save this rotten world
You got the jitters the hard hitters
No quitters your soul quivers
When you see the gats blazing, get out the street now
There ain't no use for you
it on for
 I make lots of money, yet still I want more
 And my head is blazing
 I think that I'll check out the shops downtown
 Sometimes it helps