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of steak,
I look in your eyes, I see sweet potato pies.
I'm thinking nasty thoughts, but I'm no sinner.
Ummm baby you smell like dinner.

Umm baby you
Throw down all your
Silver spoons - eat
All of the raw meat
With your hands.
Pick it up piece by piece
Pick it up piece by piece
Pick it up piece by
by piece

Where are the bodies
For dinner?
I want my food!

What if you were
Starving to death and
They only food you had
Was me - what would
a vampire
She's looking at me like I'm dinner tonight
The babysitter's a vampire
Gonna need a wooden steak and a garlic milk shake
To keep me alive

tight if you act like you been told
So don't try to lay no boogie woogie on the king of rock and roll.

Don't you feed me no TV dinners when you know
want that steak dinner don’t you? (Ah)
Your gonna work that sandwich off now (I need marshmallows!)
Yeah lets fuckin go
20 more miles, lets go you fat
numbed by the nonsense
Gem Star razor and a dinner plate
Arm and hammer and a mason jar, that's my dinner date
Then crack the window in the kitchen, let it
We eat steak, wine and cheese plate
Bronsonline the name is ringing out in each state
Play it cool or taste the weapon, time to meet fate
My feet
(Me and you, how we do, be so fly)

You need to leave them burgers alone and make a steak upgrade
I'm fillet mignon with a tape-up fade
I see things
a stop by the barber; you can hit the shops in the harbor
Then get the chops or the lobster
Prime on twelve, dinner for dos
We begin with a toast, end
japanese lived in japan
Just came back from greece doin big thangs
Had a shoe with a lee, that's what Lidge claim
Sex on the beach dinner with the flame
I pays attention
Steak for dinner, that we provided
Made money in the slum that the street provided
Behind my door
Clutch heat beside it
moved up from Ramen Noodles to shrimp and steak
Ewww (I know you like that steak)
Girl (filet mignon)
You can order what you like (haha, it's on me)
the pesky try

He just smiles
He says that river's run dry
He's finished, confined
Babe, I'm making dinner tonight
Her heart fills with pride
He says
think you should
But I can't, I'm plagued by vegetarians
No cats and dogs, I'm not a veterinarian
Strictly collard greens and a occasional steak
gotta keep it goin')

Yo, I'm goin' 4 the gold like a olympic sprinter
Fuck the bullshit, steaks 4 dinner this winter
Yo, I've seen a murder scene
On Fifth Ave, shopping sprees and them dinners to chow
I ain't concerned with other men with you now
As long as when I slide up in you, you growl
cause it's what the suburbs and the hood needs 
Wreckin' the thought that heaven's earned by your goods deeds 
I'm mad precise when it's the after-life
perfect with your thong on your waist,
built like a stallion, you belong in a race.
Get money by the barrel, King Kong in the place.
Movie and a dinner
Alright, alright this is how it went

I saw her in the woods by herself I had a knife
Perfect opportunity to take another life
Unfortunately I'm fucking
with Quaalude on a pillowcase left on an ultimately cordial gesture
By the staff it's a bathhouse for brave soldiers 
Where they coordinate
up some bushes fire 'em up by the lake 
Or take you to a restaurant and eat a couple steaks 
Now my friends say I can't, on the phone when I shade
him disintegrate
It's a truckload coming on the interstate
Sirloin steak all on my dinner plate
Your main bitch say she wanna make a sex tape
On Fifth Ave, shopping sprees and them dinners to chow
I ain't concerned with other men with you now
As long as when I slide up in you, you growl
Hatched seeds of light supported by light seaward breezes, 
And we see these orbs in a car chase of sorts, 
Absorbs sweet Lorraine and her dolly