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not my type

So when the smoke clears here I am
Your reject all-American
Falling from grace right on my face
To hell and back and hell again I've
Look at all the other mothers, envious of all my things
Had to call the plumber
'Cause my daughter flushed by wedding ring

God bless the American
I watched the sun fall down in the canyons
I nearly met my maker in LA
I thought I'd seen it all
Until she showed me the American way
Give me back my stuff I want my secrets
And I want my skin without tattoos
Or I'm sending 'round policeman
You broke my heart in two

oh I am not
just wants to do-si-do
I can't stop this jig and jag
I wanna swing my little honey
To the swamp-meat rag
Community property, it's all in the family
stab you in the back 
I just like some blood 
It's cool if you can't hit me back
Give me your car 
I'll drive it off a bridge 
I can't return your
Price of being free
Trying to live a constitutional life
But being held back by hypocrisy

Carry the load, my brother
You're jost like, oh, so many
it all up 

It's a French kiss, Italian ice 
Margaritas in the moonlight (whoa) 
Just another American Saturday night 

You know everywhere has
known for
Although usually it washes up on our shores
My great great great granddaddy stepped off of that ship
I bet he never ever dreamed we'd have all
Concentration moon
Wish I was back in the alley
With all of my friends,
Still running free:
Hair growing out
Every hole in me
American way
Threatened by us
to me” 
I'm without you 

Tell all the English boys you meet 
about the American boy back in the states 
The American boy you used to date 
who would
to bring me my tray
Jumped him from behind and turned his head backwards my way
Took all his keys and a crate of Methadone
Masturbated on myself and leaped
Cool water 

Sipping silver stream 
This is my 
American dream 
I know a squaw in Winslow 

Who swears by candlelight 
She said she'd
never back-stab or cross me
Stand butt-naked in the storm, sippin' the frosty
Force me to choose, I'mma follow my heart
She was there from the beginning,
and back row's untamed
Crucial, using maximum amount of brain
Grinding the edge of my axe to stay awake
Lanes shifted, stay at a distance
Half my with
all of us are what you see a looking glass into
Our lives what we watch is what we buy priorities are out of whack
Who is next to stab our back
Who is next to stab our back
Doesn't it make you mad
To have lost all that we've had?

This was once the land of dreams
Now these dreams have
American girl, I salute you
From Massachusetts to Albuquerque
Back to the Mid West, as sweet as the dessert be

I see you out there dancing
Looks like
Call to the darkness, the wrath of the desert, skulls piled in 
A row, why didn't you see? carry me back, drag me by foot 
Saving my life, slitting
I'd rather go blind
For speaking my mind
Or use it just like a gag
So raise it in anger
Just let it hang
American Gangster Time

He sits back
Scope him down
If he's right
Hold tight
Oh Girl
(And if he's not)
Stamp Reject
And keep on movin' on

Now I'll take this time to say what's on my
of cheap gasoline
I'm for sale by the side of the road going nowhere
Rusty old American dream

I rolled off the line in Detroit
Back in 1958
still the American Dream.
Surrounded by drugs,
Jeopardized my life by living around thugs,
But I'm still the American Dream.
Kicked outta Palmdale
her neck by a hook
Didn't realize it was my grandmother 'til I checked her pocketbook
Fuckin' with the white boys got me back on crack
Better explain
as there's a God above
Keep praying we never wake up
Keep on dreaming the American dream

Now there's medals on the wall I got back in '91