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Harris/Shirley Murdoch ]
but don't you give up

[ Charlie Wilson ]
It's so bad out here
The young killing the young
It's so bad, makes me sad
You have no
bitch ass nigga
Quit playing with the hoe, and let me borrow the bitch

[Chorus: Charlie Wilson]
You got what I want
Tell me if you want, just what I
California, Here I Come
Written by Joseph Meyer, Al Jolson and Buddy G. De Sylva
Jack was sittin poker faced with bullets backed with bitches
fell in love

Right now at a picnic shelter down by Caney creek
You'll find potato salad, hot dogs and baked beans
The whole Wilson family's lined up
[Chorus: Charlie Wilson & Nate Dogg]
She was just a groupie (She just a groupie)
She was just a groupie
She was just a groupie (All she wanted was
Happy Days
Edge Of Night
Love Of Life
Merv and Mike
Good Times
Make A Deal
Charlie's Angels
Family Feud

Feeling so much thinner
Rock and roll hip hop.

You thought I'd fall off. I'll fall off into this dope-ass rock and
Roll track. Y'know?

Charlie Wilson. Bow down.
This is
At the Grotto 
In the greasy chair 
Sits the Charlie with the lotion and the kinky hair 
When she smiled, she said it all 

The band was hot so 
They danced
heard that the President was still alive
So I told my brother, I said, "Hey let's get on a train
And go to that Big House up there and see how
wouldn't believe that he's shot

But we'd run over there and there was so many folks around
That we couldn't see him but some lady was standin' there
Mr. Worldwide checkin' in
I just wanna say, Charlie Wilson
It's a true honor, I appreciate the love
Now let's show the whole world
How to have

[Charlie Wilson] 

ghetto fabulous - living like this 

I'm so happy, yeah! 

'cause I'm ghetto fabulous (repeat) 

[Snoop Dogg] (enters
let you come back
Whatcha want to Do? 

Chorus: Charlie Wilson
Cause my heart is yearnin for your love

Verse 2: Mia X
Now we been through
at the club, no blood got spilt
Where dime piece wizes, had they legs in the air
From being sprung by the swings, so they legs in the air
Long dresses,
the same
A freak said "Hi" and we all yelled "Train!"
So we continue on our mission to get some poonani!
The girl we just met is not worth the money!

[Charlie Wilson] 

ghetto fabulous - living like this 

I'm so happy, yeah! 

'cause I'm ghetto fabulous (repeat) 

[Snoop Dogg] (enters
maybe I don't know, but I don't think so, slip and slide out on the lawn so sad those days are gone, grass stains on all of his clothes, got yelled at by
sedated by the maid, meenie mi mo
yo, gotta go, GOTTA GOTTA GO SO!
on and off but the ending yet stick around
'cause the zeeko gots the sound

Chorus 1:
I don't mean to trouble ya
Ya lookin' so hot inside your BMW
I got lucky, I brought home the kitten
Before I got busy I slipped on the mitten
So I'ma tear ass on that field
The Doe Wilson walk around with a bottle of Spades
Diamonds lookin' like I flossed in a cascade


Dee dee
Wooptee-woo, I'm a Chef like Wright
It's hot in here, I'm by the stove cookin' crack all day, stretch!
We gon' bag up all night
We ain' goin' nowhere 'til
keep my cool as long as the fucking grams go
Wooptee-woo, I'm a Chef like Rae
It's hot in here, I'm by the stove cooking crack all day, stretch
We gon'
and charlatans both speak visions
So this descendant of African survivors
So-called Indian tribes and the Korean war-child
Birth name rocka peeps named me Iristyle
a shitload of money.
Cause Youtube is a place for people to share their ideas..
If by people you mean 13 year old girls and by ideas you mean how they love