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Libertina Grimm
Howitzer glare and spitfire blade
Wooed by Dresden serenades
Her soundtrack now a bombing raid
Bored of Vaudeville

God was six days
The streets was requesting some original LL
A soundtrack for niggas that was raised in {hell}
They looking for a leader that can guide 'em
Back Woods, your White Owl
Your Dutchess and we goin' smoke and ride to this shit right here
This, that, real shit here, this is the soundtrack
a loot
If they keep the kid he's gonna do a bit as a prostitute
Owin freak (?) for some T. A. N. G. (?)
From six to sixty-six they count us catchin
Uh, what up ya'll
Soundtrack what's poppin' baby
Ya'll ain't know
I go by the name of
Lupe Fiasco
Representin' that 1st & 15
And this one
of the original
Orphaned trio, abandoned by lyrical
Through us, the echelon exposed with the roll with no soul
Counterfeit style, born sworn and sold
Out with
they'd start a war
to exploit some brother's mother
Then there's the pyramid, that stands by itself
created by Black people's knowledge and wealth
and over
a million or more
For the illegal war that's all I saw
It's all about that knot in ya
I'm alone, I roll with 6 niggas with stones
Every hour tap my phone with
Puerto Rican, half black...")

	Now how old are you?

About six, on my BMX, doin tricks
Back to Middlesex with a couple of poor white trashy brats
You'd rather blast an original instead of a phony
True macaroni, you don't even know me
And why does your gun say, 'Niggas only'?

But you need
Yeah, Scientific Shabazz, the Holy Psychiatrist
Coming down with that spiritual rain
Six thousand years of darkness
Four hundred years of pain
a mindstate that has perished, you shall inherit
his blood I require back, to Earth
we rise out of spiritual darkness, six thousand year curse
The lost
a mindstate that has perished you shall inherit 
his blood I require back to Earth 
we rise out of spiritual darkness six thousand year curse 
The lost
and falsely accuse him
After being murdered by Pilate how can it be
these same white Romans established Christianity
Constantine would later see the cross in
look foolish (foolish)
My roughest niggas in the Apple (Apple) on Coolidge (Coolidge)
Remember White Shadow? My click stay sharper than an arrow
and age
Soft silly suckers seem to be the rage
So let's all sing a song of six pence
Another white boy kickin pure nonsense
He's a pitiful individual
'White Ranger's long-lost brother' theme didn't seem relevant." I said, "It's just like
Darkman--it started out fine but it sucked by the time they made
to quarantine
His crops and livestock boost the economy
Many would travel by boat to see him
His image don most schools and coliseums
A merchant, hustle those
there's someone in my house
[911 dispatch] can you please run by your address for me
[woman] 151 shenedoah, shenendoah
[911 dispatch] ma'am where inside
someone in my house, there's someone in my house

[911 dispatch] 
Can you please run by your address for me

151 Shenedoah, Shenendoah
You beat upon little boys in the hood
Oh - what you're man enough to kill in a drive-by
Drive by the White House and all you do is wave hi
lead, I say

When it's dark fuck the dumb, I'm on the run
Go to the shack for somebody black that want to come
Original man in a swamp land habitat
"The first words I spoke in the original phonograph, 'Mary had a little lamb. It's fleece was white as snow. And everywhere that Mary went, the lamb
The Little Daddy Shane
[Little Daddy Shane]
The mic is all mine
MC's crawl by when they see this tall guy
Six foot three huh, nobody's small fry
that work and leave this pass the six feet (feet) I go by the name lil turk, I know you niggas know me (me) I'mma original hotboy, yes I'm down wit cmb