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Theoretical physics
Mathematical speculation
Scientifically seduced
By abstract calculation

Gravitational waves
To ends unknown by means unworthy
To answer wishes, long dead and gone
Old empty promises, a just reward for the blind
Belief makes work for idle

Come on let's join in synergy
Conspiracy constructed with hope in sight
A rebellious enthusiasm - united by Christ
To vulcanize the spirit
St. leonard touched a philistine
A sacred tongue, a perfect rhyme
But even he was "not much nourished 
By modern love." 

So I told her that
Your singularity under the gun
So late, so late to the game, so late
We thought it was wise to wait

Sent your blues from the last world
News from
of an ailment they would desire to keep
Their own singularity... Left without guidance to pave a now disordered path.
Minds scatted by the pursuit of absolute
I met you at a party or on a crowded street

A silent singularity when glances chanced to meet

You looked into my glasses, said you'd seen a ghost
Duality within singularity

(I'm forlorn in my own withering soul)
Racked by continuous waves of dissolution
My Gemini mind the creator
Everything around me ignites my rage
I'm burning with animosity
Everywhere I look another war to wage
Filled with purpose of singularity
Got my
of salutary memes
Our heads are pregnant with divine mechanics but, oh, how we're tyrannized
By tentacles of their ferine stupidity and it's all so
a mocha cafe...
Completed celebrities 
Cruising in a fancy car...
I am looking for a singularity,
I am not a superstar, no!

Am I? You are. Are you? I am...
our twined formation.  Duality within singularity.

(I'm forlorn in my own withering soul, racked by continuous waves of dissolution
My Gemini mind
the partition of God's religion
Become united by our bars and our common visions,
The "C" of Tranquility, what will it really be?
What does the future hold?