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Rastaman philosophy
Dem heart well set and fixed
Yes their mind all dressed in dem pride and vanity
Dem say we born in sin and shame and iniquity
to pee

Witchfinding tribunals
High council hearing
Let heretics and Jews the inquisition bearing
Hammer of heretics
Light of Spain
Death by fire
Me and my uncle went a ridin' down
From Colorado, west Texas bound
We stopped over in Santa Fe,
Part it being about half way
Besides it was
Es una historia sin principio ni fin
de ésas que ves por ahí
lo único raro fue que no imagino
lo que podía venir

Se fue de militante en un
It's a global thing
And most things whe you see ah the consequence of sin
But it's good to know that everything is everything
The signs of the time
ki panike yape rele pompie
man pa gen pompie ki ka eten du feu sa
nan tanpete, eclair, l'orage
ti moun'yo nou pa bezoin fe sovage
negre ki te vole
Treated king to kangaroo
Santa Fe to Timbuktu
Don't be fooled by imitation
This is the stuff that cured a nation
We took the tube and the high
The Inquisition, let's begin
The Inquisition, look out sin
We have a mission to convert the Jews (Jew ja Jew ja Jew ja Jews)
We're gonna teach
estar en paz con uno y con el otro igual
Quien sabe si están esperando
El Diablo que nos da miedo
O Dios con su fe y santa palabra
Adivina Pa´ donde
until then I'm patiently restin', think of my sins, no need on me stressin'


See now that I'm gone and I'm dead 
And I'm buried in life in
momentos de la intimidad
No se mi amor que sucedio
Porque dejaste de soñar

Cambiaste de la noche a la mañana
Dejandome sin fe (oooooh by)
Ahora heart
of line, I'm down to ride for everybody on this track
Fe, fi, foe, umm, I smell the blood
Of a petty MC, step up if you want some

Got demons on the run like