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The McCalmans · Siege

of warrior bards
Led by his son the mighty Thor

Cthulu's dark knights doth make their last stand
Valhalla's warriors lay siege to Atland

Battle rages on for
Humanity is under siege
And we don't stand a chance
An entity untouched
By love, hate of pain
Brave new world
Cold and clear

Miles away you
Stranger has thou seen their lordly castle
The castle that was build so near by the sea
Ancient walls standing tall
Black oil hath come to boil
Can't Understand my city's under siege
F-a-see-e-M-o-be screamin 'cause I mean it
Till these muthafuckas bury me
37-40 pull dat pistol packin

Let me share my heart with you
As I'm guided by the dead to a miserable end
Strands of descent and finite life spans
On and on if only there
Desperate and famished
Scourged and suicidal
Live and die by the sword
Fall victim to your idols
Tortured by despair
Smoldering in desparation
more capsule air
By now we're under siege
Tell me who's the enemy
Not me

A radiated haze
In a cybernetic phase
Can leave you sterile
Online chatter from
words of nevermore

Death rain from the sky
In this bolting hell
A city under siege
Maimed by mortar shell

Life denied
Time is up, shadows dance
Fight my friend, tyrants pull
Time is up, burn the world

Driven by sin
Let the scavengers loose
Power from hell
by the wafer thin veil of intelligence

Individuals, nowhere to be seen

Urbana is oozing like a bloated carcass,
With maggots cooking in
Signaled by pheromones, the mark of doom's been placed
Death squad deployed, the colony must be erased
Ominous droning of wings echos on the wind
Target hits the ground - honeymoon in hell

Shot - shot by both sides
In a war that won't cease
They gave their lives
Unheard cry for peace

Or a siege of the sads begins
I throw these regal shoulders back
And I lift these double chins
Now here is a secret I never have told
Maybe you'll
Tank treads crushing over piles of broken bones
Siege engine revving and coming to atone
Poisonous black smoke billows from its eyes
Unholy war
A war zone in the streets 
It's anarchy and siege 
We hope it goes away 
Graffiti on the walls in modern Babylon 
Nothing left to save 
Merciless to the siege agents massacred
Protected fortress underground militia
Religious sect proclaimed messiah
David Koresh

Devoted followers
Forces of hate meet
Gather for the siege
Encircling their foe
The raid begins
Their revenge is sought
Through violence, smashing, killing,
to return
From a siege where I take refuge but I want to watch burn
Your lover, your companion, your champion, your friend
Forever by your side but not in
She placed her ring on the sill,
Dishes piled high
She's on the front porch step
And the air smells like snow
She's thinking of the siege to come
Church of Christ breeding hate the flame of hell shall rise
Satan's force rains from the throne to slay the priest of lies
1,000 years was bound by
Forces of hate meet
Gather for the siege
Encircling their foe
The raid begins
Their revenge is sought
Through violence, smashing, killing,
Empires clashing in desert sand

Jerusalem a city lit
Did God demand? Did God forbid?

Pilgrims slaughtered by Saracen band
Saracens slaughtered by
of gathering,
The whole world lies rotting in the street

Soon we will walk with collars high
Like ramparts raised for the siege
We'll bow to her beauty,
I think I’ll find my comfort here
Take a break from the machine
I’ll see you in my dreams

You’re lost to me

Our house is lit up by the moon
Siege of face love to tell
How and why its indecision 
Notice change by shape shifting from the real 
Sacred seal rip with sex intelligent sneer