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Huey Huey babe, Huey Huey babe, Huey Huey babe
Won't you let me take you on a sea cruise
posted EC92BURK
Performed by DION on
a nigga to jail
Cause they loving a freak

(Lil' Wayne)
In my section it be off the heezy
And my section's being represented by Lil' Weezy
What the deal
I am Trugoy
A Dove-like boy
Could wingspread
But instead
I will employ

Me be Plug Three
Or Baby Huey
I eat up
All ketchup
For its tendency
Huey and Duey and Louie with a 
Shot down Mickey Mouse made .. Minnie 
Everybody know Minnie got shot down 
And the cop on the case was Huckleberry
cause I need some love in my life

Mommy I could be the thug in your love
Play my part with the fifty-fifty love in ya life
By the way I'm
No I'll be there in the minute
But I got something to do
Look you should know there's one main thing you're next

covering section by section 
Assimilating everyone 
Bringing them closer to perfection 
Biological, technological 

But suddenly a disturbance 
And I
the countries
And like it's began
When the sun gets it again
Let's stay up here my
Yeah we live by the moonlight.

Uhh, breaking down every day
Into slices
was behind it

One by one by one by one
One by one by one by one
Stand by zero
Stacked on zero
One by one by one by one
One by one by one by one
to this world by cesarean section 
Hey You  Hey You 
Now it takes him all day just to get an erection 

Hey You 
Things aren't what they seem 
And the profile of a Cary Grant, 
A superior being 
Totally made by hand. 
Throw out imperfection, 
Mold you section by section, 
Gonna make you the ultimate
by the funeral director
Who poisoned the saxophone section

And if you ain't the big daddy
You ain't nobody
If you ain't the big daddy
You ain't
To this point in life we've had no experience
And it feels like we're smashed beyond recognition
Bleak sections of thoughts a contrast to my hope

It's H-U-E-Y, home fly G five
And by the look in my eyes she have nice thighs
But her mama done gave her then grew from local to major
My pockets
millionaire but I sure got it made

Chorus Section

Cause I've got a good wife, who's in it for life
I've got a sweet little girl who thinks I'm the world
It's hard to spread the words
When your tongue is tied
By petty ways of mans life
I know the time is near
When we will be equal
This day for truth
Pregnant teens give birth to intelligent gangsters they daddies faceless
Play this, by ya stomach, let my words massage it and rub it
I'll be his
Pregnant teens give birth to intelligent gangsters they daddies faceless

Play this by ya stomach, let my words massage it and rub it
I?ll be his
'Oh say can you see
By the dawn's early light
What so proudly we hailed
At the twilight's last gleaming'

He's a real cool guy and he's a hero
ain't no bitches in it?
Ride with me today, I'm in a mood to go spend some spinach
On my niggas of course
Funny how we straight from section 8, now we
of an outlaw lay upon the ground

The outlaws are commin' (commin', commin')
They only took the money that the rich got by their greed
And gave it
a panther
They killed Huey cause they knew he had the answer
The views that you see in the news is propaganda

Telling lies, to our children

She was standing by the fire and ooh she was looking alright 

be	 Section 

I asked her if she wanted to dance 

And she said that
believe what the boys are blowing
You got to come on man 
And take a piece of Mister Parker's band

You'll be riding by, bareback on your armadillo
Verse 1:
I know I met you last night
And soon as you walked by me
You didn't really have to speak
Didn't take a long time
For me to peep how you