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(But forever Thy blood in my veins)

Gracious Spartan civilisation
Eternally blessed Thy war spirit
Surrounded by thousands of Persians
came to an end
No war could ease my hunger
By craving death I was
To darkness reborn

No sacrifice too great
Caught in another maze
Truly endless
by the scars where Venus crossed Mars
Can you feel it it's in the cold wind
Like an ocean that we all swim in
It's frightening and new it seems so
The back street pub where Bowie sang
"Is there life on Mars"
While the boys in the back room
Pumped heroin into their veins
The girls, my friends
the point
And the players are many the sacrifice great, for a victory heralded by few
And some march to the beat of a vindictive drum with their own agendas
the city of the mo
Man tho I'm a pisces its the tales of a scorpio
I wear Polo or maybe Isod
You pick the paradise its really by the bank wad