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And I saw this mess around me, thousand of involved and despaired hands 
and I smell the bodies blood then, thousand people corps by corps we have
Just keep me coming
And I come running
Cause I'm your dog
Baby I'm your dog
So whenever you call
I come running

She's impressed by a fat
The bullets of the false revenge have struck us once again
Em		 am		 d
As the angry seas have struck upon the sand
G			c		   g		 bm
And it seemed
Pre>this is reported to be played with open tuning but what tuning
Exactly I don't know. I have created a simple version which
Gets me by. it
'em G stacks
And got them corn rows to the back
I ain't really trying to be picky
But if you give me somethin, its got to be the sticky
Doing by
Parody of Jackson by Johnny Cash (G. Rogers/E. Weeler), Bexhill Music Corp. (ASCAP)/Quarter Music Inc. (ASCAP)
New lyrics by Cledus T. judd and Chris
properly, 100g
Drop it on Ivana street to protect it
I'm up by 2:23 and some ozzies
I got a gang of B.G. to work the shit for me
A team with a little Terrance
gon' go on vacation
Wait, damn, okay that's way too far ahead of me
So I'm just tryna take it day to day if they would let a G, breath
Cop cars by
Word bond real talk, do my dirt all by my lonely
'Cause them suckas will talk

I'm sucka duckin', I'm sucka free
You ain't a G, Don't fuck with me
of tha fools
Running drag thinking ya gone 'n
Put tha twist I ain't tweaking
Drop ya putting the lock on it yeah!

Verse 3: [B.G. KnoccOut]
Ask your baby mama, bout Slim and E
She got fucked by them, then got fucked by me
This the big three, G-are-I-N-D
I-N-G, all about the currency,
anything to be down
Two hundred million blind mice
Running through this town

Patty Cake, Patty Cake I heard your man
Wears a gold Rolex and put
summoned the assistance of the celestial corp of engineers,
And, by means of a cute little song in the german language
(which is the way he talks whenever
I say a prayer God bless the G's, 
I'm number one in this bitch 
Now they understand why I'm running this shit, 
From the bottom to the top 
I be
can drive-by
G's the only code we abide by
Blunt burning in the ashtray
Playing faggot games and now your ass chafe
Niggas wearing tight pants
Pre>intro riff the high notes are f# g be f# g see

The chords appear to be em cmaj7 e see then em cmaj7 3 times

Em cmaj7 d em
Every street is
Okay (Yeah) 
It's about that time again 

Green Lantern 

That's right! 

G-G-G-G-G Unit 

Ha ha ... Shady 

We Back 


I keep the heat on deck, but in God we trust
And can't none of y'all, fuck wit us
But you can run up on the G but that's not thinkin' wisely
("Rappers go six feat under") (Repeat 4x)
You're scared straight as soon as G Rap penetrates
You want to escape, but you got a date to meet fate
Uhhh, niggas than fucked up
Nigga, its time to roll
Pass me them nigga chasers
Time to do a 187
Its time for a murder
If you a G nigga, load
S. Sala / G. Abry / Phil Vaughn

Walking back mile a lonely mile to see my girl
From Kentucky
Down the road something on my mind
I gotta get to my
It's like that and you don't stop
She's like cocaine, running around my brain
Miss Ghetto be like cocaine, running around your brain

I know some crack
("The air corps helicopter took a five-year-old girl from Achain Island")

Aodhagan went hunting for food and money
Through the streets
Dre, he a Compton-Compton O.G
Nas, he a QB-QB true G
Do the history

Way before The Firm, like back in the day
Nas was the first New York nigga