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When the night comes

The streets of Paris 
They've got something
I love the atmosphere
In spring
Soul kissing by the stony
Banks of the Seine
Lost in this world
Can you believe in love
And it's not too late

End of days and there's a full moon rising
End of days and there's a full
the corner of the heart

Back in the Albuquerque 
Near the river 
There was a cottonwood
One summer hooked up with 
A climbing rose
And by the time it
won't go up in smoke
Things colliding, love undying

Like the rising tide
Beating hearts grow but never die
To simplify I'll stand by your side
Close my
Happens every time
By the rising tide
I fell down
What went wrong

Time passes by
As time passes by
I fall in love
More and more

I live for your
to say your name
Wondrous thoughts embalmed avow you came
By the crescent disc rising amethyst
How can love remain the same unchanged?
Moonlight plays upon
Burned alive in the flames of love
The ashes scattered in the wind
Fucked up by the unholy trinity;
You, me and our "perfect law"
(Our perfect
Love is a burning thing
And it makes a fiery ring
Bound by wild desire
And I fell right into a great ring of fire and

And I fell into a burning
And live along by the shores

Yeah-ee, on the lea the rising wind blows
Fay-hee, on the lea the rising wind blows
How long how long?

(?) In
dog in a shoreline castle
Being replaced by a chip in the sea
- chorus -
We used to dig! lift! heave!
Now we has turned to it
Programs! computes!
Golden sun is rising in the sky
Emerald birds glide through a rainbow as they fly
Bringing beauty Holly enters my mind

Where the crystal ocean
fall in love again
It's alright
I look to you as my only friend
It's alright
I never thought that I could feel there's something
Rising, rising in
I long to touch You like the rising sun 
Early in the morning 
Early in the morning 
I want to feel Your warmness by My side 
Early in
And heaven knows if I'll ever live to love again
Struck down by the kiss of an angel in limbo
Laid low by the act of the going

But in the wink
Golden sun is rising in the sky
Emerald birds glide through a rainbow as they fly
Bringing beauty Holly enters my mind.

Where the crystal ocean
Home where my heart beats
Where my love waits for me
Where the winds of change
Howl into my face

There's rain off the headlands
Closes in by day
We've been too long American dreaming
And I think we all lost the way
Forlorn somnambulistic maniacal in the dark
I'm in love with an American
not enough
Don’t you know that I’m a man in love
And I can’t get enough of you

Your window breaks the rising sun
By any other name, you’re still
for you, my dear

In a world of darkness
We are surrounded, surrounded by eternity
We reach out but no love abounds us
Guess we traded it for
Until the light faded away
In firelight, dancing with no pulse
I broken in shadows, rising from the walls

Another groove without a name, carried
will be okay 
If I just stay on my knees and keep praying
Believing in something
Tell me everything is all taken care of
By those qualified to take
monster, baby, I adore you
Man or woman living couldn't love me like you, baby

We go dancing nightly in the attic
While the moon is rising in the sky

From the sky we look so organized and brave

In the heat I saw you rising from the dirt

Drunken tears and tugging at your skirt

If only you could
Guido, I wish that you and Lapo and I
Could be taken by magic and placed in a boat
Where every rising swell
Would sweep us at our will across
A million hearts rekindled by the name
Looks like love's alive (The Move)
Looks like hope's revived
Rising from the ashes is a flame
Need to pray