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It's not the way
The day draws in that I think this
Or the way stones sink
Lower than the clouds sending ripples through the air
Autumn leaves pave
the I-5 
Were tired 
Cause we spent the whole night wired 
With Jane's Addiction 
Blasting down the alpine 

No one knows which way it's gonna go 
by the lives we live
If it changes it'll be God's prediction, so pain inflicted, like Jane's Addiction
Live right like Christians, but dance with
waves making ripple effects
Situations etched, lessons in stone tablets
For the reference to the habit
Forming addictions to the memories of past shit
of Atliens,
Now throw your hands in the air and do the hokey dance.
Jane's Addiction got me seeing deep purple.
Need to find the perfect tool to make A Perfect
wearin shades so my eyes don't reveal the red haze 

Caused by my yung, cause days like Frankie Beverly 

Amazin em back it's tried again, no roaches