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You Don't Know[feat. Wale] (Tank) · Rediscover the Kingston Trio (The Kingston Trio)


Now it's no use crying or weeping 
You better lock up your soul for safe keeping 
Promise me 

The poor Prince of Wales 
He gave up his
Monica sighed
Rolled on her side
She was so impressed that she just surrendered
She was moved by his wheels
She was just up from wales
He was
We on a world tour 
Wale your man hustlin' in each and every ghetto with the mic in my hand 
New York, VA, DC, get paid
We on a world tour Wale
sailors you're still dry
The outlook's fine though Wales might have some rain
Saved again.

Let's skip the news boy (I'll go and make some tea)
sailors you're still dry
The outlook's fine though Wales might have some rain
Saved again.

Let's skip the news boy (I'll go and make some tea)
I'm on a great run, Wale Folarin

Make sure that they always talk of me
Make sure these bitches in awe for me
Make sure to give them my all
And now
was walking
By Brisbane Waters I chance to stray
I heard a convict his fait bewhaling
As on the sunny riverbank he lay

I am a native of Erin,
New South Wales
This fifth day of July, in the year of Our Lord nineteen
Hundred and thirty five

Why must I apologize every time that I sit down
Cobain was murdered by you 
Cobain was murdered by you
Rainbow deadhead knew nothing 

Chasing glass, the ground is kicking 
You get me really sick,
Come and listen for a moment, lads
And hear me tell my tale
How across the sea from England
I was condemned to sail
Now the jury found me guilty
Wale and K'naan they don't know is they're radio 
How the hell did they fit the TV in the radio

They told me go in, no problem I'mma go in 
And shy
of radiant mountains
This truth is growing before me
My attention fixed on the silence
Rediscover life while I'm breathing

Designing the shape
special or not?
I love you do you love me?
Am I special or not? 

we should be there by morning
We've done so well so far
We should be there by morning
Hanging by the phone waiting impatiently
I'm in a minor key but still there's no reply
Sitting counting days going through endless nights
But baby
sailors you're still dry
The outlook's fine, though wales might have some rain
Saved again

Let's skip the news, boy (I'll make some tea)
The arabs
Concealed indictments handed to the grand jury
Get some money now, you hated by your own kind
The home invasion done by niggas in your bloodline
sings a song called Trouble Again
Josie wales says no wrong free call me
Wayne Smith, Peter Metro, and Charlie Chaplain
Early be, Coca Tea, Brigadier
To touch the stuccoed stars
From the deep of snow-enchanted woods
He called them from afar
Hunter's by the Deadman's Spit
All struck dumb, the forest
rise at ten thirty
And reach Kempton park around three
I stand by the rail, when a horse is for sale
And you ought to see Wooton watch me
I lean
jewels in this snow white mink
Kanye shoes sorry no ID, John Legend flow the magnificent me
Roll hard give me molly coffee by the key
Got the weed roll
here in this land, my heart is in Ireland.
The land of the old folks is calling to me."
Near a coal mine in Wales, by a roadside cafe,
A young girl
sang on

And I know I should have let go
But I couldn't live my life and not know
If she ever loved me at all

I got killed by a flower
I got
gettin murdered by
the D.A. says they got me on a felony
I'm tryin to live my life, so what the fuck is you tellin me?
The streets are war, that's what
shocks, tough being a fox
He in a tux, check the scenario, he stuff me in a box
A hundred home, why you cry, we went just like wine, 'cause
A appreciate
Primo, sound like the present Sigo 
And make it feel like a sequel to the new me, bitch.
I'm Wale, the prescription.