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yourself turning out just like Walter

What is Walter gonna say when he finds out about the way
You used to run wild and free, you used to be in love with
something new
I'm just drivin' enjoyn' the cruise 
With the windows down for some breeze, breeze

A wild hair took me by surprise
I cast my books
For bagging gustav and walter and franz

While married to gus, she met gropius
And soon she was swinging with walter
Gus died, and her tear
By Andy West and Walter Egan

Helplessly my heart returns, to the fire that always burns
No matter how I try to tear myself away
I'm drawn
And I shed a silent weary tear 
For those who mean to love me 

Oh I am ready for the storm 
Yes sir ready 
I am ready for the storm 
feeds the monkey, then she feeds the cat

I'll talk, I'll talk they live by the sea
Surrounded by a cemetery
If you get tired come up for some tea
By Walter Egan

There is no exit too late to turn around
This is the lock that has no key.
There's no escaping it, you've come too far to quit
release de love
So lemme see yuh hands up so
everybody now put yuh hands up so
If yuh ready for the road let yuh fren dem know

We ready for the road!
love from Rome now.

Then get Hank Mancini
And tell him Fred Fellini is waiting;
Where the heck is the song?
Order Scotch and ice and then
Ring up
By Walter Egan

I remember when others forget
Back before we learned the way to regret
Love could change the world
Twas all that you need
gyal dem ah release de love
So leh me see your hands up so
Everybody now put your hands up so
If you ready for de road leh your friend dem know

And she rolled down the window
And said man turn it up,
I love that country tune
She was wearing a rabbit skin halter
And I was overcome by
ready to love, ready to shine
Ready to live this life of mine
I'm ready to jump, ready to fly for the first time

I want to take a dive, I want
to tell her everything, so breathe just breathe

I'm ready to find love, ready to feel love
Ready to see for the first time
I'm ready to know one, ready
the caravan of love (Stand up, stand up, stand up)
Everybody take a stand
Join the caravan of love

Are you ready for the time of your life
(Are you ready
Are you ready for the time of your life?
It's time to stand up and fight, it's alright
(It's alright, it's alright, it's alright)
Hand in hand we'll
Martin Luther, who did you think that you were?
Appointed by some higher up
Merely mortal, your plans were unaffordable
No one wants to pay for
most of all

I'm ready for your love, I'm ready for your love, I'm ready for your love
I'm ready for your love, I'm ready for your love, I'm ready for
One more time
Ready for love
I'm ready for love
Tasting the sweet of life
The heat and light of love
Ready for love
I'm ready for love
and bones
And by the time I found
Who I was really in love with
It wasn't The Beatles or The Rolling Stones...

"Ready, steady, go."
And all the things

I'm ready, I'm ready for romance,
I'm ready for romance is here at last;

In the ballroom of romance, there's a young man waiting,
think I'm ready, ready for love
You know what to do

Throw me on the counter by the kitchen door
Let's do acrobatics, make my body soar
Make the neighbors
You could hardly tell by the look on his face 
(Get ready for a baby king) 
That pretty soon he was gonna run the place 
(Get ready for a baby king)
Well, that won't last
Don't you hear love callin'

I can see
By the way you look at me
You're so ready for love
The time is right 
It's a new moon
ready for you to be by my side

I'm ready for your love, I'm ready for your love
I'm ready for your love
I'm ready for your love, I'm ready for your