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by the stupid head ripped, 
Razor blade...
Hit the drecks, be nowhere, copy-cat manipulation, 
Knuckles buzzin' through the air, soul stripper over
Bleeding, but you feel no pain
She won't cut you like a knife, like a knife
That little look in her eyes'll
Cut you like a razor blade
You wait

got you beat, you can tell by the company she keeps 
She's a politician 

A broken mirror and razor blade 
She's a politician 
Hot headed all
the door at 8 p.m.
And my razor blades will cut down your entrance
Detective instinct
Detective instinct
The man at the bar had a v-neck vest on
No, it
Cast in fire tempered by the flame evil demons lie within the blade
Mighty swords razor sharpened steel death metal weapons forged to kill

Met a girl, her name was Jade
Cuts her nails with a razor blade
Says she lives by no one's law
Ran my pride through a big chainsaw
Have you heard
about thinking
It's overrated, just get another drink and
Watch me come undone

They're selling razor blades and mirrors in the street
I pray that
I let your love in, I have the scar
I felt the razor against my heart
I thought we were both in all the way
But you caught it by the handle
And I
You burned a portrait in my eyes
You watched me falter
My motivation now encircles my wrist
This razor blade says
I've fucking been dismissed
me alone in the night
Keep me away from the light
Razor blade cuts the line
Never say, never say die

Are you escaping the dreaming
A life without
Just Take a look at the blade in your hand.
It's all been said before
Slit and free your soul

Suffocating in agony
Overwhelmed by existence

You've got one foot in the grave
Take yourself to the brink
Like the razor blade of a knife
You begin to think
You need to be
On the edge
A sparkling blade in your liquid of life
A sparkling blade in your liquid of life...
Hearts stop by the power of my knife,
I am the owner of thousand
can cut 'em with a razor blade, sniff the shit, c'mon


Yeah, check it
I tell you (no lie) bitch nigga you (gon' die - kill or be killed!)
Sue Lee has a razor blade - she walks by the scenery
She lives by the water-glade - smokestack and the greenery
She lives by the open field - digs
My life flashed before my eyes
Razor-blade lips and daggers up in your eyes
Baby, your love is a crime
Danger by day, but you're evil in the night
Katy's down by the cellar door
Calls for me to go
Back down to the clover
Singing soft and low
Singing soft and low

My little one's mother is
abandoned us

This is the great esoteric depression
We sold our souls but couldn't buy salvation

I found God clutching a razor blade
He said "look
Oh, to love
By fire, by flame
This old feeling

Then I can hear you
Brighter than the stars
Your voice is a razor blade
Impassive and alone
Unmoved by this victory
And the seeds of death he's sown

Sworn to avenge
Condemn to Hell
Tempt not the blade
All fear
to take away,
To kill the pain,
To give me to the ground.

The pills, the windowsill
Razor blade, great escape
So lonely, the feeling,
The slipping,
See them on the TV screen
Looking back with electric eyes
Razor blades and Vaseline
What I see is synthesized
Photographs in magazines
about thinking
It's overrated just get another drink and 
Watch me come undone

(come undone)
They're selling razor blades and mirrors in the street
I'll take my chances, 'til I find a better deal,
I'll take my chances, along with all the rest.

The snail goes over the razor blade
It's overrated just get another drink and
Watch me come undone

(come undone)
They're selling razor blades and mirrors in the street
(come undone)