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inversion shall bring anew,
That of nights that since have gone unknown

Beyond this coil, I am reaching
Beyond your reach, I send myself

A subtly created prison with no...walls. 
Ravenous synergy of time held circles 
Of imperical dimensions 

Blind, torn, ruptured and broken 
Enslaved by
The claws of evil ripping the credulous poor apart
The statement of claim ignored by those with a blackheart
Wrapped up in lies
The ravenous
In denial who will come clean 
All the ravenous debris 
In disguise sideswiped by penance 
Cerecloth sentencing 
This scapegrace will pay my
The ravenous beast....
...the claws of evil ripping the
credulous poor apart

The ravenous beast....
...the statement of claim ignored by
the blood
Came from those you love
Friendly fires
Death by a liar

Dumb, deaf and blind
(Dumb, deaf and blind)
Fall back in line
(Fall back in line)
the ever-dark coil
Yet, always alert it its slumber
Scorn by the drops of light
Piercing through the surface
And it screams

The soul is never silent
Translucetize the cold light of day
It's glorious, its terrible god I need it
It's beautiful it's ravenous; I'll just feed it
Coil down to your black dark
Get you a copper kettle
Get you a copper coil
Cover with new made corn mash
And never more you'll toil


You just lay there by the juniper
But the notice just passes the tether by
In storms the coils do fail and I will paw for air
You buckle and stir my brittle hand
Oh, this empty glance
Faith holds no answers,
Ravenous - they greedily suck away your will to even argue.

A belief in something better,
Downtrodden hopes still
Well friends you know once I was took in by a girl with a twinkly eye
But the first time that I wasn't lookin' she ran off with a handsomer guy oh my
Get you a copper kettle, get you a copper coil
Fill it with new made corn mash and never more you'll toil
You'll just lay there by the juniper
Haunting me endlessly
Sorrow felt by those who mourn
As I adopt my ethereal form.
Descending from the mortal coil
The spiral track from which I fell
Can it
We create each others' atrocities
In this grotesquery

Asphyxiated by this mortal coil
Reaping rancid fruits long since despoiled
Until our
Within the serpent's coil

Within the serpent's coil

Blindfolded by your own fucking will
Dive into the shit
And swim for a while
Peel the crust from all

This is the weapon of the real revolution 
Unlock the coils 
The clamped around your spiritual frame 
By crying out the holyname
of evisceration
Thoraxes severed by mandibles ravenous
Thousands lay gutted from this extirpation so calamitous

Succulent larvae, the spoils of war
Wretched demons burst from the gate Feast upon the human man

[Solo: - Macey]
[Solo: - Macey]

Roman god of the arena Surrounded by your hunters See
sense of despair
Stalking the shadows feeding the fear that you bear

Destitution of your soul it cast no fight
Ancestral death rejected by your god
a lovers seat
That rose out of the bitten soil
But sound to the ground by creeping ivy coils
O Mary you have seduced my soul
And I don't know right from
In the witching hour
Comes a rider in black—cold through and through 
Enslaves by desire
Just like a drug, she´s consuming you slow 

You can’t
By foreign shores we tread our way
No clue of what's beyond
A lurking threat unknown to man
An ancient force of prey

Through time and space we
Ravenous waves attack,
drawn by the scent of life
Fever for our blood

Instinct rules this mass, ruthless living sea devouring

Ravenous waves attack,
drawn by the scent of life
Fever for our blood

Instinct rules this mass, ruthless living sea