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of the burning skulls,
Beneath the Well of the Black Flame,
In the vaults of the dreaming gods,
Shackled to the slime-smeared bleeding stone.
Squamous orbs, black
Dreamlands of danger
Darkside pleasures
Bad behavior
Dreamlands of danger
Darkside pleasures
At their best
At their best

Punk rock, shell
Punk rock
The Cyco way
Join the Army!

Join the New Army!
The S.T. Army!
Join the New Army!

Don't be no fool, don't let your prejudice
back when good rap was just a cool dance hit
even though it wasn't saying (shit)
Well them days is gone I don't play that
Pick the punk and I'll say like
the tempest
Into the smoke filled bottle's shore
Leave no black plume as a token
Of the slime thy soul hath spoken
Leave my loneliness unbroken
surrounded by Voyeurs
And crack smoking lawyers.
No shame. Burnt lips,
Tripping on acid rain.
Legally insane, deranged,
Some people never change.
My, my, my, my, my bad side
(Suckers gettin' tossed)
My, my, my, my, my bad side
My bad side

Drop the "Square Dance" punk I ain't
friend, I'm going down
With empty bottles on the table
Black roses on the ground

Ground bottle six with the permanent bliss
Razor sharp glass lips, give me
and Ganksta NIP
Gave me the tip on the niggas yappin' lip
Too Black hooked me, Lil' Jay booked me
Shakin 'em, breakin 'em, makin and takin 'em fakin' fuckin'
a buttonhole, and torn by a slug
Fired from the barrel of a two dollar gun
That scorched a blister on the grip of a punk by now
Is learnin' what you have to pay
my brain
Driving me crazy, nuts, insane
Sewer, sludgy, greasy slime I'm always bucking with all the time
'cause he's my motherfucking enemy number
my brain
Driving me crazy, nuts, insane
Sewer, sludgy, greasy slime I'm always bucking with all the time
'Cause he's my motherfucking enemy number 1
spiritual essence
And he goes by the name of, uh HOOD!

Check the vibe, walk that ass or get got
F it (shit) I lick buckshots
Hood, madman, I rip up
the funk-brown bass, my man
This be the medium used by Dig Plans
Hit the cosmics like a funkonaut
Leave the ladybugs with forget-Funk-nots
Black sunflowers,
And my dick's been sucked by many lips
Many tips, or many Vicks, many sticks
And love to fuck with plenty chips

He got many whips, many clips, many
out to Ice T
The pro-black grammy goes out to Public Enemy
Cause they too black and they too God damn strong
And we gonna give the lip-sync God damn
remain puzzled 
Attacked by the weight of the bass 
In yo' chest  
Eightball  MJG  MC Ren  
'Cause we's the most 
My real ass lizards
fucking with the small guys
Now you got black eyes and your punk ass realize
That you can't fuck with us little niggas no more
We going looney, crazy,
chicken head major ass cheeks bow
Punk niggas lookin at me with the rocks and they gold
Now why you all up in my shit lookin hard
[C] Aiyyo go 'head with
Kings just broke through (move fool)
Psychedelic hip hop punk rock shit
So back the hell up and get smacked in your lip
Saint don't quit I'm from the old
On the block they say I did it for fun, well
Niggas got done on the one by a gun shell
Bounce in a Benz or a jet-black dope BM
Light up the choke buddah blunt
in my abdomen
Camouflage fatigues, and daishikis
Somewhere in between N.W.A. and P.E.
I'm black like Steve Biko
Raised in the ghetto by the people
Know what I'm talkin' about

I design this rhyme in my slime where miracles happen
Scheme; world domination, snatch Queens next Manhattan
So hold
boyfriend, you gon' to be by your damn self
While I'm in my Benz with your friend
And she bout to get nervous
Baby I don't want nothing but some mouth
a mark
I bet you get your ass kicked hanging at the park, bitch!
You'd better watch your back
Before you get jacked by a nigga with a gat
Cause Life is