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Dredlock in his eye (for them to realize)
Jah Prophet has arise (prophet has arise)
He's gonna hit 'em by surprise (for them to centralize)
Hit 'em
the people shall never run short
Of a King of a Prophet

Jah Prophet has arise (prophet has arise)
He's gonna hit 'em by surprise (for them to realize)
We played for you and you did not dance
We wailed and you did not listen
And John came neither eating nor drinking
And you said he is possessed by
where you shouldn't go
Now out of the woods and out in the day
I see there's too many prophets here

One by one by one by one
Stand on zero
One by
One more dead soul there's a hole in the sky
Illuminating dream quest the prophet's eye
By virtue of madness a sign of faith
You consider it done
By the prophets of rage
Can you kick it like

Clear the way
Clear the way
Clear the way
Clear the way for the prophets
Time is running out 
Prophecy is a mean thing 
The prophets are together 
No one will be permitted to get in this area 
Except by special
Introspection, why have all the prophets lied?
There's a season when I will find out where I am
And there's a reason, and I will someday find the plan

Tripled by
Dragons' fire burns the sky
As the heavens are ablaze
By a wizard's spell and sorcery
His eyes inflamed as he turns into a star
The prophets
A prophet in the wind...
A vision like a mirage,
Rises from a man
Swallowed by the sand. 

Into the shadows
Of the legend
You became.
goodwill to men
From heaven's all gracious King
The world in solemn stillness lay
To hear the angels sing

For low the days are hastening on
eyes had seen fall short the glory of
It's been said from the soil of a prophet's graveyard
It's been said by the light of your mirror's vanity
It's been
as the prophets had said
Passing by you, He rides on to die
Come now little foal, though your not very old
Come and bear your first burden bravely
Walk so
By the time the luminous descent of the bright star unfolds
And tablets of strange love are shattered and bruised
By the time the oleander has
to men from heav'n all gracious King
The world in solemn stillness lay to hear the angels sing

For lo the days are hast'ning on by prophets seen of old
I, leap over lies in a single bound (Who are you?)
The Black Prophet
One day I got struck by Knowledge of Self
It gave me super-scientifical powers
only leaving hearts made of stone and hate
betrayed by the words of false prophets
feeding the broken words of hope in vain
no comfort can be found in
Oh, I cannot tell you to make up your mind
And gather together the best of your kind
The prophets have spoken the words of ill fate
Your childhood
I drank a goblet of fire

I cut out the prophet's tongue
But still the sun refused to move

I tore a hole in the web of sanity

The very fabric
Beheaded prophet the suffer is yours

Virgin, mother murdered, once warned but now is dead
Destroyed heaven's kingdom, in flames
Some people say peace is on the way
But the worst is still to come

'Cause the prophets wrote about it
And Jesus spoke about it
And John got to take
(Bitch) My soulfly free
No organized religion No church No priest
No university My DNA diversity
Count my blessing Never a curse to me
Say (həd) p.e.
ninety nine
Is the point of time
The month is July
When millions will die
By the devil from the sky

[Lead: Malmstrom]

The prophet has predicted
The wall on which the prophets wrote
Is cracking at the seams
Upon the instruments of death
The sunlight brightly gleams
When every man is torn
Stacey Grove he's a roaming prophet of mine
Hat full of wine
Stacey Grove he's a roving catcher of skies
Forecaster of eyes, so no lies