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like a submarine
Hip-Hop fiends, like a Jones, for nicotine
Of tobacco so I can't slack yo
Got the knack though, bring it live and that's a fact yo
the Black Panther Party, James Earl Jones
The FOIs, nucka, Howard E. Rollins, sister Naomi, yeah, nuff respect!
the ones on the grind and front line they got called by po nine
And now they prisoners of war
They fight for appeal or a bill or a ball
Cause they slipped
Frank Zappa (guitar, dialog)
Mark Volman (lead vocals, dialog)
Howard Kaylan (lead vocals, dialog)
Ian Underwood (woodwinds, keyboards, vocals)
on the floor
Covered up by pillows
Oh no
I'm lookin' for them trizicks
Tryin' to put a group up in they clizick
I'm comin' up quick
I'm takin' no shots bustin'
[Intro/Chorus fading in and out in background]
Ok, ok, (heeeyyyy) yeah
We back in this bitch (Lovely Daze like this...)
Jim Jones nigga (you
I tell your bitch, "Grab my dick! Ha! Now masturbate it!"
Don't catch feelings man 
How she not feelin' Cam?
And look her by the waist feelin' like