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Hands in the air
Drinks everywhere
Party in the hills
Keepin' it real
Dance out of town	
Ladies all around
Me and the crew doin' what we do
You keep on shoutin', you keep on shoutin' 

I want to rock and roll all night and party every day 
I want to rock and roll all night and party
with Condaleeza Rice, now 
She like to shake it all night y'all 
Party up with Tony Blair 
Throw your hands up in the air 
Party with Fidel Castro
T-N-T I'm dynamite
And I'm gonna rock this party all damn night
I've got the gift of gab I can walk the walk
I became an emcee when I learned to talk
Hands in the air
Drinks everywhere
Party in the hills
Keepin' it real
Dance out of town 
Ladies all around
Me and the crew doin' what we do
Waiting for the DJ to play a song 

It's up to you
If you want to party all night
It's up to you
We can have a good time baby
It's up to you
tonight, a real woman tonight
One that holds you tight
Don't you put up a fight now, honey
A real woman tonight

Even you don't know what's good for you
But then again, you could know someone all their life
But might not know they're a freak unless you see them at night, 'cause


Now the party's
Livelicate to all di rude boy dem from across di world 
And all shottas from yard
Real ballas party hard, zagga zagga zow na na na na
Here comes
on a roll
Public cause this party going on the road
And if you crave sex, drugs and rock'n'roll
Sent by the Quest, Jungle and De La Soul

Give 'em
Party, party, party, it's party time

Friday night, I'm on my way
I'm steppin' out
I've been working all day
You better watch out
'cause I'm
night long
All night long, all night long, all night long

We could party all night, night
Wanna spend a night, night
Will you be my type by the end
the town
(Living for the weekend)
Friday night alive
(Living for the weekend)
Said, I'm living for the weekend
Don't stop when I party down
Party hard, party
(Well, well, I)
Gonna party

(Well, well, I, well, well, I)
I owe it to myself
(Well, well, I)
Oh, party, party

I'm just living, yeah
(Living for
to have some fun
'Cause it's time for my vacation
I wanna lay out in the sun, all day long

Headed back for Mother Nature
And party, party all night
And they call this the great midwest
Where livin' is just gettin' by
And people trade in their happiness
For a smokestack, a big money deal in
the higher force to sweep over my soul

So I can fulfill my dream, go for my goals

I'm sick of spendin' every late night out of role

[Chorus: RZA]
still alive

I was struck by lighting
Walkin' down the street
I was hit by something last night in my sleep
It's a dead man's party
Who could ask for more
Free your soul
Let me see you shake
One by one
We're stealing the stage
Here we come so get
Out of our way

It won't be long
Till the summers
gonna be the party
We will party all night long
We are the party generation
So have a seat, what's in the bag?
Party on."

Round about one or two it
, love, money, party
We want love, money, party

If I can't trust then why am I giving my heart
In exchange for him to love me
'Cause there ain't much
have to kill it.
And I drink all it's blood and steal it's powers, 
And I slither around in the dirt for hours.

And after that I start jerkin' off.
You're in control and everybody down here knows

You're the life and the death of the party
You got my heart right by the throat
the party going all night long

Let's keep the party going all night long (hey)
All night long (hey), all night long (hey), all night, all night
All night
the air and yells "Party all the time"
She dance around me in her thong
Sing along, favorite song
Rip a shot, hit the bong
Going all night long

My girl