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the tide was rollin' in
I was drownin' in a sea of romance
Then she popped the question in the back seat of my car
"If I let you love me would you let me
Whenever this world starts gettin' me down
Holden' me back, makin' me frown
I need some music from guitar Town
Come on play me a country song

the back window in search of any Nintendo
DVDs, plasma screen TVs in the trunk
We made a right, then made a left, then made a right
Then made a left, we was
Coming back home was like going to jail.
The sheets and the blankets 
And babies and all,
No, he never did come back home, 
Never that I recall.
Bein' swallowed by them city lights
Ball till I'm benched then I put it on the pimp f&f u-p ugk fo' life

a song
Called "The Dove of Love Fell Off the Perch"
But he couldn't get divorced in the Catholic Church
At least not back then anyhow
Jesus was a good
Trill Dvd Playin On My Screen Sittin On Cream Man You Know What I Mean

Now If I Catch You At The Light (I Swang On Em Swang On Em)
Dat Candy
Jimmy Page stood tall on screen
I was mesmerized by everything
The Peter Grant and John Paul Jones dream sequence scenes
The close-up of the mahogany
started to build
Niggaz started feeling unappreciated and then shit got real!
'97 Quincy called back for me and Juan
I told my Rogue Dog niggaz just
loved it
And that's cause they like to shake in the club
But that song ain't truly show what I'm capable of
Did 20k the first week of release
Didn't cry I