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If you take me as I am, better and bland
I'd face the headlights, side by side with you


the moon
A bone-weary traveler that
Waits by the side of the road
Where's he going?

In a dream we are lying on the top of a hill
And headlights slide
and the headlights
Passin' by the clouds and the street signs
Knowing that there's something to come, just holdin' on

I don't really know my fate
I just know I
you don't come to
What the hell, what the fuck is wrong with you?
Midnight ride 1997, One two three
Motherfucker you're going down tonight
We're takin'
The cars hiss by my window
Like the waves down on the beach
The cars hiss by my window
Like the waves down on the beach
I got this girl beside me
The cars hiss by my window
Like the waves down on the beach
The cars hiss by my window
Like the waves down on the beach
I got this girl beside me,
out on the highway flyin' by me
Headlights and tail lights are all i could see
Down at the junction another flies by
They come and go in the blink
Entwistle & Luongo Copyright 1997 Bitsa Talent Inc.

Walking down the highway
Nothing going my way
Shift into high by walking faster
He's a rebel
Automobile noise
Out in the traffic
Black cars and blue cars go by
Backwards and forward
The names and places I know
Alright I cross the same
on me
Here are sights I may not see
(Big Car can be seen)
Shine headlights on me

"Look out, buster, you're about to be run over by some guru."
Blinded by the headlights
I'm killing ground
I'm dancing in the dark
Stumbling on the highway
Guided by the city light
I'm lost and found

I'm falling out
Here's a song
Here's a little punk rock song for you
A little punk rock called
I think it was written by the Ramones

In the early 70's
Maybe before
Looking back it seems that I
Went about it all wrong

Lying alone in the bed we made
Watching headlights on the shade
The ghost that's sleeping by your
because you're the deer in the headlights.

Met a girl with a graceful charm,
But when beauty met the beast he froze.
Got the sense I was not her type
chandeliers and I'm telling you
Caught in the headlights and I'm yelling it at you
Why is it girl when the world is lit by lightning
That I keep telling you
Headlights open view
I'm hoping that the night will let me follow
Headlights will tell the truth

See the trucks come a rumbling by
They all
It's elevating us,
Bowing and shaping us.
It's elevating us,
It's resonating.

Caught in headlights I'm all right,
Coming over to your side.

Still sufficient in depending on you 
Depending on each other. 
Engine noise whispering through half asleep startled by 
Startled by headlights
as you could tell
By the headlight's glow
We lost control
Into perfect red I watched you go
You leave me wondering
How long I can survive
and nothing's said.
She walks by, I drop my head.
I wonder if she read...?
But then she smiled. :)
Sweet antisocial...

She combs her hair by the light we share

from that little lamp by the door

I read my antique rhymes for her as she

Sits by me
by the minute
You know you got the perfect night
When you got the girls
Dancing, dancing, dancing in the headlights

We got the girls dancing,
And prays for shelter from the storm

As people hurry by on their way home

Where they dream

Of a world without sadness and pain

They turn their heads
Like a deer in the headlights, I stood frozen in my tracks
And the weight of the news, It nearly broke my back
It was late September, and I