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Girls on the dance floor
Girls on the dance floor
Girls on the dance floor

I, I, I, I, I, I, I, see you chillin' by the bar (bar)
Why don't you grab
h-anamnacha bochta I bpéin.
Iomlán gealaí 's iomlán rabharta
Aoibhneas 's ciúineas, 's áilleacht sa domhain
Crónán na fairrige ag dul siar are mo chluasa
already know
Every time I try to get away, I can't let it go
Plush lifestyle, fly cars and the pretty hoes (pretty hoes)
So play your distance by

From jason carns
Down by the beach, in the deep of night
The big world is sleeping and I am alone
The sea-birds are calling
Is that your car, the SK-8
Are you riding alone, can I be your date
Come get me, gimmie, don't dis me, don't trick me
Got some friends, can they
the horoscope

And then a tv guide and
A best seller
A magazine my friend is in
And a magazine that I'm in
Paid for the whole thing by credit card

At the big
Listening to
Chopin and mozart
All by yourself

Your friends
Have been talking
About you

This is probably
Because you are in love
family, now
Comin' up in game backdoor with the heat
Krayzie's friends out the walls
? by my lonely, before a sista was broke
Blow up Mo Thug open up
Every father mother sister brother friend of the family
Peaceful and warm

On the Kansas banks of the Muddy Mo'
I threw rocks in the river and dreamed
friends by the screen through the red rye [?]
But me, I'm a soul left alone and I don't know where to go
And you don't feel safe around me
When I try
a friend of mines
You ain't even genuwine sweeter than a Cinnabon

[Mos Def]
But wit five fingers and a fist I'm deadly as the Pentagon
You don't want
and let your friends know
Wanna book me for a show, here go my info
I'd by lying if I ain't tell you some time
It's just to get dough
And I say "Just cause
'em all blossom and watched 'em grow
Watched the lawsuits when they lost the dough
Best friends and money: I lost them both
Went visited niggas in
Eenie, meenie, money, mo
Catch a player by the toe
If ya want to let him go

Ladies don’t worry cause they got plenty more
Men be falling like
Watched 'em all blossom and watched 'em grow
Watched the lawsuits when they lost the dough
Best friends and money: I lost them both
Went visited niggas
ready to blow
I'm harassed by crackers, the stress of the Pastor
	-Look in my eyes-
I'm in the rain sellin my shadow
but it's gone still follow me, so I
b. dick: oh!

Chorus i: I got candy!
Mo b. dick: I can serve you on the block
Cocaine, cream, or rock, it takes over fiend
I got candy!
Mo b. dick: I
you crying and I want to kill your friends

I hear your footsteps in the street
It won't be long before we meet
It's obvious
Just count me in
I'm mad as fuck, I can't come back after o.z. 

The nigga that hit was intended to get 

Was gettin told on (told on) by my homie on the mo phone
bluebonic, chronic
I did it, I done it, this rap beef, you know who won it
I'm five million worldwide, I got mo' money

Europe paid me eighty G's for a hour
friends reminded
You got the keys that don't mean you the smartest doe
Mo' money, mo' problems
I lost plenty mo' marbles on my marble floor
Then I left
wear it if it's in the mall
Seen it on the blog
These motherfuckers cost
Yves Saint Laurent
You can tell by the font
I do what I want
Wake up when
that, nigga, you never know
He say a friend but I smell foe
So I sit back and wait for the day niggas try to kick in my door
So I sleep with the big
should I rush this hoe?
But you know - damn, little did I know
She was my best friend's sister's cousin auntie mother niece
Up on my daddy's side, I
her, she had her, they had her
I don't want you no mo'

I had her, you had her, we had her
He had her, she had her, they had her
(Oh, it seems that