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Big bank take little bank,
Drop a in the fish tank
Got the sharks on lean
Fish scale for my whole team
Big bank take little bank
Drop a in

can't tell how long I've been
In the company of gills and tails
I think I feel my skin
Growing scales

Can I come up for air
Can I come up,
Blind fish being used as musical scales
Sharks puffed for fish and whales
I long to be by the sea where a blossom falls from a cherry tree
That's what
And get hot and cold running crud!

See the halibuts and the sturgeons
Being wiped out by detergeons.
Fish gotta swim and birds gotta fly,
But they
to lose 
The awards flow by like icebergs 
Deep and giant blue 

There are no fish left in the streams 
They all have taken to the air 
And with their
Mmmm & don't you love by baby anymore
They gilded my scales, they fish-bowled me
And they toured me round the old aquariums
They come in their hordes
on the charoselle
Spin on the ferris wheel
Its magic floatin, smokin, take up a call from Fish Scales

[Fish Scales]
Man, we liven straight
real playas and real
this 20 flat
We got cook up, we got powder, nigga you want that?
I got a fish scale, I burn that white back
Don't need a glass man, I bring that blast
these stone rings
This cocaine that I overcooked
I overcame on Novacane, I Frank Ocean'd that fish scale
I tip scales, I tip hoes, I skip jail on my
uncles blowin bundles, mine do numbers while I drive lambo
Off white yayo digital scale, fish scale sending my pigeons by mail
Bring in my drain folk,
sang to the clams and the whales
Oh, how I miss her seaweed hair
And the silver shine of her scales
But then her sister, she swam by
Set my heart
crack rock nigga
My SC430 was a drop nigga
Go figure, this nigga play Go Fish
My only pet was fish scale not a goldfish
My young baby sitter now my old
eggs and oil. 
Its the stolen blood of the earth

Used to make cars run and kill the fish. 
Who me? I play scales. 
The scales of dead fish of oil
visit the wrong hood
Pardon self, never the wrong hood
I'm safe, and I ain't gotta knock on wood

Cocaine central, sniff city heater park
Fish scale
visit the wrong hood
Pardon self, never the wrong hood
I'm safe, and I ain't gotta knock on wood

Cocaine central, sniff city heater park
Fish scale
and the whales
How I missed her hair and her seagreen eyes; I missed the shine of her scales.
Just then her sister swam on by, and set my heart a-whirl --
I drive Lambo

Off white yayo, digital scale yo
Fish scale sendin' my pigeons by mail
Bring in my drain folk, [Incomprehensible] folk
a pure fail
Ay, tell that nigga farewell
Ay, pure white big scale
Ay, beige color, fish scale
Ay, I play my numbers real well (woah)

Mmmm, ayyy
technicolor nuclear fish, their mutated metal scales riveted together, glowing iridescent in the pitch-dark depths deep below the steel-belted skies. This is
set the city on fire thas on everything
i walk around like i got a grip in my pants
yeh thas about 10 stacks got half a brick in my pants
to take their medicine
From the bowl with a silver spoon
Who run away with the dish and scale the fish
By the silvery light of the moon
Who were taught
It has often been my dream
To live with one who wasn't there
Like an ocean fish who swam upstream
Through nets, by hooks, and hungry bears.
bricks in Richmond
We was in Cocaine heaven, I was fish scale dreamin'
We jus' got in the town, we was strapped up schemin'
First Country caught a body,
K-Mac tell 'em
You sell 'em, I swell 'em, loke (sell 'em loke)
Hard or soft determines how much a nigga sell 'em for
We got the fish scale texture
Ey, ey, ey, 2 pistols, ey, blood money, money
By all means instead of 2 beat, call me
Young triple beam, got fish scale, got oil base
Lawyer paid