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Rooster Hill
By Ronnie Rogers

Last Saturday night on rooster hill
I lost 4 one hundred dollar bills
Came home with my champion cock cut all
a sign up ahead
Wash my face and get fed
And that voice in my head
Keeps sayin' I'm lonely
But I'm only payin' my dues
Holiday Inn Blues
ten eight by ten) my lonely world is only eight by ten
It's awful to be jealous of an old picture frame
But I'm jealous of anything that's close to you
and queens of the greatest dynasty

Only we can save us from us
Bring about change we will show our people love

[Chorus: x2]

Who are my people? Dr.
Because now I can cry on your shoulder every night.

(8 by 10, 8 by 10)
(My lonely world is only 8 by 10)

It's awful to be jealous of an old picture
only felt me
One day I'll learn just which part of me bleeds
Now that she's gone I know she was great
But I fucked it up and now it's too late

"How you doin' bert?
"Wel, not so good Charlie. My back's gone out and I cut my finger kinda
Gnarly. The job's the same and so's the boss. He's still
one (only one)
It was special I can say it was another one
You would say someone's knocking at my window
(Knock knock)
Someone's ringing my bell
Charcoal smoke and red hot ember
Smell like Christmas
In September
Oh, I'm waking up
The sugar plum fairy's
In my coffee cup(x2)
Someone's in
made for me so never ever, ever let me go
(oh no)
I never knew someone could set my soul and body free
No time to wait so sugar won't you give you
beam (what)
I tell 'em Money Talks like Charlie Sheen (hey)

[Chorus: x2]
These are more than words, this is more than rap
This is the streets and I
is hot. Sugar is sweet
Tell me the size of your mother's feet.
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight,
Nine, ten...
into fortune and fame

And it's a crime to admit
That she is ten times a gift
my friend's she's hotter than shh
the sun is shining on me

Do you ever really stop to wonder
Playing games that you play
That our dreams couldn't last any longer
While the world passed us by
You took my
Repeat 2X]
Last chance to get up
Last chance to go
Last chance to get up and go

If there were someone
I´d hold her
If there was love
I´d let it
So what are you gonna do now honey?
When I'm dead and gone
And the only thing you have to remember me by
Is this fucking song

I went driving
my nine

[Chorus x2]

I got a shortage of supply and demand when its drought
Buy low, sell high, my marble route
Know about the weather before its
Diamond life, sugar baby we dynamite,
Playboys and socialites, young and fly fly fly

1989: No pressure, but to the best that's in my section
to have you by my side (have you by my side)
Have you by my side

[Chorus: x 2]
one (only one)
It was special I can say it was another one
You would say someone's knocking at my window
(Knock knock)
Someone's ringing my bell
[Chorus: x2]
All my life, had to hustle just to make a way
All my life, riding dirty on the highway
All my life and it all changed in one day
let you come back
Whatcha want to Do? 

Chorus: Charlie Wilson
Cause my heart is yearnin for your love

Verse 2: Mia X
Now we been through
was the phoenix did not care
She let me burn by her side cause she never ever cared

Oh whoa,
Oh whoa,
My lady phoenix
Oh whoa,
I [Repeat:x
Chorus (2x): You gotta walk like a "g"
Talk like a "g", walk like a "g"
I got em lovin my drug dealer strut

Somethin about the way I make
the same
When he's not by my side
But yet, I shouldn't complain
But be waiting with my arms open wide

[Chorus: x3]