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A lyrical knockout, showin' I got clout
My comp should just drop out
Cause none of them can see me
I leave em winan like their name was bebe or cece
I get
and the new,
Somebody on my arm when I walk inside the room.

All I wanted was doom.
The same kind Alexander the Great felt when the earth ran out of room
to hang out, afraid of their own noose
No phone booth, can't change an ugly face
Tough stand tall then we duck when we gotta chase
Making up excuses but
reverse, the sharpening wing of the edge of a sparrow, for suitable reckonings too numerous to mention, as the queen is fat she is devoured by rats there is
As the queen is
Fat she is devoured by rats there is one way to skin a cat or poison a
Rat it is hetero four
Hear to three forthirightly stated.

to the lobby, to the whip, I got shit to do
I'm by myself or I'm with the crew, do a show, take a ho then hit the room, boom

I don't fuck with you, I don't