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Days pass me by just like moments
They're here and then they're gone
For good, for good
I work so hard at where I'm going
I wonder what I've
Come here, baby
Give me a little time
B.B. Oh, brown and beautiful
Yes, yes, that's me
I didn't make my move too soon, did I?
Not yet, but just take
Love light shine on me
Make it last this time
'Cause I think I might find out
That there's no rehearsal

And, I don't want to miss one bit if
Martin Luther B.B. King
You had a dream and you make us swing
Doctor Winston J.F.K.
You had a dream but they blew you away 

Americana panorama
The gardeners will soon make the scene
'Cause it's Thursday
Soon they'll arrive on the scene

I pick up the paper
I'm spritzed by the sprinkler
Inside I
If you're not having any luck with the girls
You need to step into the spotlight world
Watch some movies with steve mcqueen
Get some music by bb
You can't smell the roses,
No it's not a rehearsal,
You only get one life so make it right,
You can't smell the roses when you're gone,
So live
about now, its all mine

Yo, check it, check it
It seems as it was just yesterday I was doing po'ly
Surrounded by jokers that couldn't do nothing fo' me
To get like me, it takes too much rehearsal
I'm comin at you from every direction
Forget about cryin out police protection
Even five-o know about the death
them all my love
And to my Robin friend from Tennessee
But don't lead family to believe
They won't see me no more
They just must understand
you a small fry, looking at the hawk I
Make you buck, I don't give a ****, I
Make you have to duck my ****' buckshot
Bloody ****, BB's pulled out
the mic-screams I wanna take you higher
Drinkin' double boiler makers gone completely haywire
You you you you make me stutter BB baby baby please
Half dressed
bang out of love
Don't ask me, you should know,
You found it easy enough

Make way, make way I say
Well, today is coronation day
I'm going to wear
Better gather them young'ns and hope you make it through

[Chorus: x 2]

The Don is the King of New York..
The Don is the King of New York
know how to kill?
 [Khalid] Uh-uh.. Saya, Saya!!
 [Saya] What is it Khalid, what is it?
 [Khalid] The original King of New York has returned
detrimental, better watch what you say
This dream team bout green, BB King on my two way
Telling me, E.S.G. let me do a story on your life
To show the world
used to be so wise
But you are fooled by your own lies
And I see right through your disguise

All the king's horses and all the king's men
she's layin' next to me 
Shinin' like a jewel tonight, love is gonna rule tonight 
Yeah I'm gonna be the only one, to be King of Hearts 

Like a neon
watch the blood spill

Gangstas got love the nigga King Tee
Just ask 'em who's the great weight, just watch 'em scream me
Quick with the punch, rollin'
with nothin' to loose
I BB a king so let me sing you the blues
Let me lay down the rules,
Get money by all means,
Survive at all costs put god 'bove
with a free hot plate
Whoever do get to see me sing
With the 3-D ring, sittin? stationary like B.B. King

Can see how it really sting, it ain't no front
You can find me on a table
Full of vodka and tequila
Surrounded by some bunnies and
It ain't fucking Easter

I'll wake up in the morning with a
the only tape that comes with a free hot plate
Whoever do get to see me sing
With the 3-D ring sittin' stationary like B.B. King
Can see how it really
ain't afraid to make love
To a bitch or a hag
If you see me comin'
And you're standing there
Wave your handkerchief
In the air

I ain't dead yet
My bell
Got a white girl with big titties, flat-ass TV screen
I keep a bad bitch, call me the B.B. King
And you know I got that mouth out her
Then put