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Long Dark Road
The Hollies
(Tony Hicks - Kenny Lynch)

        It's over, well over
        In my mind and in my heart
        It's over, well
The bright lights are calling me
The bright lights are calling me
When the world is dark and cold
And I'm heading down the road
The bright lights are
My name is Francis Albert (Francis Albert Sinatra)
And I sing love songs mostly after dark, mostly in salons.
I've had some very good years.
My name is Francis Albert (Francis Albert Sinatra)
And I sing love songs mostly after dark, mostly in salons.
I've had some very good years.
hopped in his pick-up truck
Steered it on down the road
There he picked up his dark-haired beauty
Drove on down nice and slow, singing

This is my
I look at that open road
I'm gonna walk there by myself

And if you catch me I might try to run away
You know I can't be here too long
'Cross the field where the [unverified] turns back
By the old stump road
I'm gonna take you to a special place
That nobody knows, baby, get ready

long live now
Rise up to the shining
Don't be blind by fools again
Fools again

Bells will take their toll
On your way
There's no way we're born
around the drain
Can't find my way back to home
The road is long
And never ends
Dark is the heart that wanders

Light breaks in through the window
and confused
Baby you ain't pretty
You sure ain't front page news

Get off the dark highway
That roads a losers game
If you feel my pain, you
your heart

You could turn on your stereo and play your saddest songs
Sit by your window and stare out all night long
But if you look up you'll see
You've long been on the open road. You've been standing in the rain.
From the dirty words and muddy cells, your clothes are dark and stained,
Across the field where the creek
Turns back by the ole stump road
I'm gonna take you to a
Special place that nobody knows
Baby get ready, ooh

You and me
a stream with no end in sight
As dark as it is cold
Flowing by as we pray for the source to run dry
That we may never grow old
We long to rest our tired
always take me in
Long and narrow winding road's
Got to take me home again

Go down, go down 
Knoxville girl
With that dark and rovin' eye
Go down,
take the long road there
If the short way means I'm settling
Because I'm one who takes his victory
By his patience and his pride
A moment
Of this
leave you, Boy
Papa won't leave you, Henry
Papa won't leave you, Boy
Well, the road is long
And the road is hard
And many fall by the side
But Papa
Buddy Holly, Elvis Presley. 
Black Flame Trilogy. 
Quadruple louder bass. 
Battle sites. Little Rock. 
Satellites in outer space 
Words won?t
My money's my own and if they don't like me, they can leave me alone.

Long is the road. Dark is the sky. Look over your shoulder. He's wavin'
a sick man's hand
From some mid-level band
He's been driving too long

On a dark windless night
With the stereo on
With the towns flying by
And the ground
might parted be
And parted be for long
Before IÂ'm old with wandering
By the high roads and the low
IÂ'll steal his hammer and his nails
Till he can build
there's old Jeff and Willie and Sam and a girl with the long dark hair
To a country singer...

There's one last stop down in Shreveport on this tour of one
slipping away
Oh, you're slipping away

It feels like walking down a long, dark road
You never talk to me the way you did before
You ride through the city
Ah Breaker one nine, this here's the lead reindeer, you got a copy on me Frosty come on? Ah ya 10-4 there Frosty, fer sure

fer sure, by golly sure
Spectres numb with fear
They bow defeated

Enter the Champion. Prince By-Tor appears to battle for freedom from chains of long years. The spell has been