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wish you never learned of this dress
The greatest of fashion, worn by a passioned Debutante
Left everything she wears

Scream if you want to scream
I'm hanging by a thread, I'm waiting for you call
My hands are turning red
I'm hanging by a thread, I thought I had it all
My parachute's in shreds

That isn't what
What you see

I took time to realize
That I couldn't do it by myself

There's no gravity
When you're next to me
Would we pass by?

Like parachutes and air balloons
Or satellites and lonely moons
We'd still be drifting far apart
But thank the stars we are entwined
bought a little from my brother's friend
Yeah, well just to get me by
I don't trust his cut
The effect's never as high as the markup
I think I'll print
Very old friend 
Came by today 
As he was telling everyone in town 
Of all the love that he'd just found 

And Marie's the name (of his latest
The last night of the fair 
By the big wheel generator 
A boy is stabbed 
And his money is grabbed 
And the air hangs heavy like a dulling wine
When you play by the rules of the world
The world will rule you!
When you play by the rules of the divine
You will rule the world
Bring back
I've been waiting many hours
By the silent moon
In the wild, the jungle flower
Your toxic perfume

Tell my friends I'm gone, it's true
I've past
She's like skydiving without a parachute
And girl, I'm falling, I'm falling into you

We got to dancing, drinking all night long
She said, ?don't quit
with dreams never woken at night by the sound of guns
Like a child that's born on a moonless night
Like a child that's born, we parachute down
hound fell by your gun

Fell by your gun, yes,
Fell by your gun
For more than three hundred nazis fell by your gun

I'd hate to drop in a parachute
my efeblum
Then passed Ernst's mausoleum defended by a rook
Who shot a look so virulent it pierced me like a hook
The palaver of Solipsists
by just how right you really are 

You show me naked ladies
Cause that’s what I like, that’s what I like
Right now you make me feel so wanted
the song enough
To shake this institution, it's a she-volution

Just fly by
Gotta knock, knock on the sky

We can't
Just fly
bought a little from my brother's friend,
Yeah, well just to get me by.
I don't trust his cup,
The effect's never as high as the markup.
I think I'll
your blouse.

Tell me why you lied and what it is you do to keep your eyes all shiny.

In the rollercoaster din, by the parachutes in saddle shoes
My love is a fever
My love is a fable
My love is jazz licks
Improvised by toddlers
Bold Ulysses by nursery rhyme
And firelight

My love is
Here in this desert, beneath the sun and stars
Still troubled by the rumblings of a million distant cars
Please be good to me tonight, let me find my
I just dropped in, cause I could use a friend
And a little bit of consolation
I'm hanging by a thread from the southern end of my rope
If you
the rim tires
Yes I-ah...Jay I-ah
Double G-A livewire nigga holla back

All I need
Rocawear (check)
Nike Airs (check)
Mean bucket (uh huh)
Armadale in
pies, ten cars, five drives, ten bars, fi-fi
That's fifty-five thou, sha-na-na, bye bye
My fittings touched tailored, joined by Chuck Taylors
commin from this westside
livewire, keep ya boys safe from this drive by
bullshit you not
I'm out to lay them bodies on the ground
Muthafuckin imitation
wake up fine in a place I love by myself
Yeah, it took some time, but at least I'm clear out of hell
I feel it coming on

I parachute alone
I blow smoke in your face, burn rubber off the rim tires
Yes I-ah...Jay I-ah...
Double G-A livewire nigga holla back

All I need...