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grows like a tall jack pine
And I want to grow old with your hand in mine
Down that road I'll walk with you
Baby if you ask me to
Baby if you ask me
cried "My God
My partner has been killed"
I propped him by an ol' jack pine
And swore a solemn vow
"Lookout Henry Walker
It's you and me right now"
To the wind the branches yield
Their arms waving to the sun

Dance of the old Jack Pine
Roots and rock and twine
So strong it will not be undone

Now when do
the children learn the stars 
Clouds roll in from Nebraska 
Dark chords on a big guitar 

My restlessness is long gone 
Standing like an old jack pine 
Way up high in the Sierra peaks where the yellow jack pines grow tall
Old Sandy Bob and Buster Jiggs had a roundup camp last fall
Oh, they'd taken
Memories of walking home
From the Christmas party in the falling snow
Exchanging gifts, exchanging smiles
Hanging pine cones in the hall

all healthy and most of all we had her

Roy cut down a pine oak tree and we drug it home Jack and me
Daddy killed a squirrel and Louise made
all sing about Jesus
With your sticky pine cone
But when it starts to please us
That's when the ladies moan

But you're running in the woods
All the stations up here don't sign off with Dixie
The way they did in sweet home Alabama
The people here don't sip Jack Daniels whiskey
The way
his name is johnny peckanen

he was hatched up in ahmeek

worked the white pine copper mine

seven days a week

when copper took a nose dive


I was living in a very young city.
Grand piano, great lakes, good-bye.
If you ask me my name, it's high-low-jack in the game.
I can track
[Hook: (x8)]
We jack em up 
Then we ridin' high

Jawga Boyz we riding high
We back in the jacked up trucks
Ridin' on 44s mud on the doors
of pine (pine)
If why'know like I know, you wouldn't try it (try it)
Wanna jack me for my candy car, you must wanna die (wanna die)
But I don't really
vexed up, they actin hard
Attendin Catholic school at mom's house, they soft as lard
They roll in packs, carryin yo-yo's, and balls and jacks
That kid
taking snap shots of my entourage,

[Chorus: x2]

[Verse 2]
I'm the grind man, pine man,
Dro man, jive man, power man, die man, dope man, coat man,
my bottom bitch love to ride pine
She know when daddy leave the block, that its cut time
I'm in the trenches, getting riches wit my comrades
We 4
sipping 'cause I get to tripping
My nigga just roll up a heap of that pine
And only bring a lil bit for the trip
Just in case we get blurped by the 5-0
And I only bring a little good for the trip,
Just in case we get blurred by five 0
'Sir you look high'
I know, but I prefer my eyes low
a average loser and I'm a great vet .
Feel like I died came back and died again, 
Lessons in life tought me I got no motherfockin friends
Some haters jack
like the Supremes
And all my tears wiped with a cleanex
I'm on the scene and I drop dead like River Phoenix
A life I can't handle, so I drink Jack
Nigga pop with the glock
In a pine fuckin' box
Don't you try to call the fuckin' cop
Cause a nigga ain't gonna stop

(Project Pat)
Shootin', cappin', jack
on your mind
As the deadly vibes spread through your head like sand pine
There's no escape, nah I ain't blasting
I use my mental to assassinate assassin's
Christimas, no time to play
I ain't no child, punk, you'll get sprayed
Illin' on a mega-villan
You must want a pine box to go chill in
Buried deep, creep,
out like to shizine
You stay askin' questions how the hell them niggaz do that
We smoke the best of dro while she down with some jack-jack
My eyes like
before it's ingest like balmay
My rhymes, I leave a mark on your mind
As the deadly vibes spread through your head like sand pine
There's no escape, nah