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kiss your hand,
And your slaves all at your feet.
Your minions serve your beck and call,
But they don't compensate at all,
'cause inside, mister
Could turn you inside out
I didn't know, that I didn't know
What love was all about

If she came walking through the front door
There's a million
K-H-J Los Angeles!
Portions of today's programming are reproduced by means of electrical transcriptions or tape recordings
You can hear the music
type in the laptop, quick to spray on
Like crylon, dvd made out of nylon
With the ribbon, kill them with that Larry Bird weapon
Hot now ever since when I
(Clip of old radio broadcast: 
[sung]KHJ Los Angeles! 
[spoken] "Portions of today's programming are reproduced by means of electrical
inside, get out the rain get dry
Sticky's in the back playing pool by the sauna

[Fredro Starr (Sticky Fingaz) {Sonsee} *Veronica*]
We stepped in the back
Out on the porch

Lets have a mid city fiesta with your west LA connections
Hop inside the vehicle start crossing intersections
We learning
a big head later Mr. Lease Split Wig
Fucked around nigga 15, I spend
22's with the shoes, five T.V.'s
PlayStation with that DVD
Smoked out tent no need
knee-deep in feces as seen on TV
Then you can run and brag back to all of your friends
While they burn the DVD inside their parents' basement
Yelling, "That
heart by three simple vision

[The Visions:]

The first was a planet engulfed by the sea
No dry land in sight, not a mountain or tree
No rock jutted out
Chinese dragon sized blunts in Maracaibo
Huh, and everyone flashing a gun on a D-V-D
I'd make them niggas shoot it out with N-Y-P-D
And every fucker that
wondering where I've been out, 
Kicked back with a six-pack, of becks on a bench,
Sunbathing in a hijab, give me a tic-tac, I just had a pack of Nik Naks,
on the headboard, ass to the sky
Enjoying a whole lot of Success inside

Friday night, your fat friends me to come out
Hmmm...i wonder what the hell this is about
heartless and parts obnoxious
Throwin' fists to the sky knockin' gods unconscious

When it comes to beer I'm a Beck that guns I'm a Tech that
Beef I'm