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paradise where sorrow can't live
And learn the teachings of forget and forgive
In the land of beginning again
Where broken dreams come true
He made all creatures that live in this world
And taught them to live by his plan
Then as he rested the lord sanctified the seventh day for man
He made all creatures
That lived in the earth
And taught them to live by His plan
Then as He rested
The Lord sanctified
The Seventh day for man
Dancing in dream time, we live forever
One mind, one soul
From the beginning

constantly flowing into creation
Suns grow, moons die
World without
In the beginning there was love around our lives
In the beginning there was you
Then we found out that to get you’ve gotta give
And our worlds
I see you, kid, alone in your room
You got the weight on your mind
And you're just trying to get by
Your world is just beginning
And I know this
enthroned above the circle of the earth.
He stretches out The Heavens
Like a canopy and spreads them out like a tent to live in.
Lift up your eyes. 

He who
It's like we're standing still in time
This is our moment, this is our night
A new beginning of the rest of our lives
With every heartbeat, with every
And on the floors of a crashes porch

Who can pretend
That there's a beginning without an end?
It ain't contrived all this magic in our lives
Comes down like a storm
"In the beginning there was serenity then came the unrelenting scourge of 
Hatred releasing it's flames upon humanity: lusting for blood
My name is Eliza
I live by the river 
My daughter Louise 
Will be three in July
If July ever comes 
It's beginning to feel like
The water will
There ain't nothing that can't be done
By me and God
Ain't nobody come in between me and God
One day we'll live together
Where the angels trod
And the times get worse
Through my window
Still I watch
As the madness darkens the heart
This is what I see.
And what do you see?

Tell me how do we live in
Down through the history of time
Is and was in the beginning and evermore shall be

When will I ever learn to live in God?
When will I ever
of alone
But then you must believe in the fallin'rain
In the morning

Bury me down by the river
Saved by the bell
Man for all seasons
much better of alone 
But then you must believe in the fallin' rain 
In the morning 
Bury me down by the river 
Saved by the bell 
Man for all
shot you in newyork why would I box you now?
If I catch you in the yard I'm'a ox you down
Niggas you think is real really can't hold they own
of Adam and Eve.

In the garden of Eden where live began,
Yes the very beginning of woman and man.
I'm sure you remember and I know you believe,
Without color, expression, or form, nor attributes to live

You are unlimited and unfathomable
Imperishable beyond conception by our minds
Nothing can
the grace we've been given, 
Stand in the light of the wonder we live in.

This is your gift, this brand new day. 
So take it to heart, take it on faith.
I started the day by the tree where the sea was of nothing
I was closer to God in my dreams but still out of my head
When all of the leaves
There's not a prayer in the world
In any sect or any tongue
Holy enough to be answered
To undo what's been done

The urge to recoil and strike
dudes should offer forgiveness

'cause frontin' like you ill gets yourself torchered by killers

in Newyork I'm the realest

predicted by fortune
How early is beginning?
From when is there a soul?
Do we discover living,
Or somehow are we told?
In sudden pain, in empty cold
In blinding light
Lord, You live in me
You're my best friend
You're the King of kings
The beginning and end
Now that You have my eyes
I see Your spirit inside