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a deep breath 
And don't perform after him or you might regret 
I guess they didn't get the memo or the leaflet 
You know if you was harder than me then
Garbage in, garbage out, she's getting what she wants

Who's jealous who's jealous who's jealous who's jealous of who?
If I get busy then I couldn't care
I'ma kick that shit

[Verse 3]
Niggas better stop talking about me, I ain't did shit
I don't rap against niggas, stop trying to get me to rap so
operating shit anymore I see nurses!
Fuck that! I'm gonna stay alive! I'd rather do a stage dive!

And if rap gets jealous
'Cause I rock heavy
It don't
jealous cause I rock heavy
It don't worry me if mothafuckers dont get it
So if rap gets jealous, cause of where I'm headed
I used to be a public enemy,
see nurses, fuck that, I'm gonna stay alive, I'd rather do a stage live

And if rap gets jealous 'cause I rock heavy
It don't worry me if m'aa fuckers
Jealous, jealous,
Yo but it ain't nothing you know what I'm sayin'?
Cause yo I'm the prince of rap know what I'm sayin'?  Word up
Jealous, Jealous
Jealous, Jealous
Jealous, Jealous
Jealous, Jealous

I'm a bad ass bitch
And let you know I ain't with that bullshit
You get me wrong
jealous guys
See me, I live by the four pimp rules
Number one, you control the situation
You get in they head before you get in they bed
And number two,
leave his woman too long
Every chance he gets
Checking on that woman at home

Check down by his window
Check down by his back door
Trying to see if
a new style, the people - dem a-cheer it 
You get so jealous till you just can't bear it 
Jealous of Ms. Melodie, me and Derek 
See, Derek is D-Nice,
Frontin' on me like you want some
Better sell a million records, go platinum
Cause I wouldn't waste my time on a one-rap rapper
You want to get with me,
done bein' whack
We got every hand up from the front to the back
If you wonderin' why you just dressin' funny in rap
You need attention dog, there
reach anymore
I see nurses, fuck that, I'm gonna stay alive, I'd rather do a stage live

And if rap gets jealous 'cause I rock heavy
Me and money go together
Loved her since I first met her
If you touch her I get jealous
She do just what I tell her
Me and money go together
to have me in a casket
My nigga I ain't lyin
Get that ass kicced if you come to close to the head colas
Tryin to have you gone takin your head smooth off
You know they always say, man, it's tough being at the top, huh?
I couldn't agree with you more
Jealous hearted motherfucker
Never been able
don't use dollars to represent,
We just use our inner sense and talent,
If you try to dis the Peas you'll get handled by Apple Beavy,
Alligator, numero
of y'all get the hell out now" 
F*** rap, I'm givin' it up y'all, I'm Sorry 
I'm bored out of my gord 
So I took a hammer and nailed my foot
betta pull for ya pistol an open fire 
Or get blasted (Booo Yahh!) 
I'll be damned if I drop 
It don't stop 
I'm boxin' muthafuckaz with my glock
black, you came up shorter
Geah, your ass is out, Eiht wrote a-
Nother funky rap about your jealous conflict
How you diss C.M.W, boy, you ain't said shit
Yo, and if she was a rap song
She'd be "Bonita Applebum"
And I wanna put you on
I'm puttin' you on, you're my favorite song


Better keep moving don't stand still if the skeeters don't get him in Gators-ville
If the skeeters don't get him in the Gators-ville

Well the Posy went
Don't get tired, I hope I'm not buggin' you
It's just my worsened ways of trying to keep loving you
And if I seem like I'm falling apart
Blame me
gonna take a minute and let it breeze

How did Mandela get the will to surpass the everyday
When injustice had him caged and trapped in every way
How did