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Alright, well it's five o'clock. Let's go somewhere. 
 Alan: I'm ready. Crank it up! 
Jimmy: Let's get out of here. 
 Alan: I'm gone!
Wheeling dealing drives me crazy
Sometimes feel I'm goin insane
Magic moments
High rents
I can't do the same thing
My place, your place
Well, there was this movie I seen one time
About a man riding 'cross the desert and it starred Gregory Peck
He was shot down by a hungry kid trying
I'm goin' in
I'm goin' in
And I'm a go hard (go)
And I'm a go hard (go)
And I'm a go hard (go)
And I'm a go hard (go)

First off
You know what it is if
I'm goin' in
I'm goin' in
And I'm a go hard (go)
And I'm a go hard (go)
And I'm a go hard (go)
And I'm a go hard (go)

First off
You know what it is if
If anybody asks you
If anybody asks you
Where I'm goin', where I'm goin'
Where I'm goin', soon, woah ohh, yeah

If you wanna know
I bet you wanna
(Alan Rose)

One day the train was passin' 
I caught it comin' by 
To look this old world over under God's blue sky 
My darlin' stood there weepin'

It's a dead-end job and the money is low,
And the time goes by so slow.
If I stay too long it could bring me down,
So I might as well take
doesn't matter if you don't
You should have some fun, I'm telling everyone most every taxi that you flag

Goin' to a go go Oh come on baby
goin' in
And I'mma go hard, and I'mma go hard
And I'mma go hard, and I'mma go hard
Bitch I'm goin' in, I'm goin' in
I'm goin' in, I'm goin' in
And I
Ain't goin' down big road by myself
Ain't goin' down big road by myself
And if I can't take you, baby, I'm gonna take somebody else

I would take
mind waiting 
Don't call me crazy 
No I'm not lazy 
My day won't go right 
I can't sleep all night 
If I don't find out 
It blows my mind out 
tempt me 'cause I might 
I'm goin' home

If it's gonna be the last time, well then maybe it's alright 
I'm goin' home-

It's inside, but go ahead
that I can be a better man

When we go what we have we leave behind
Oh but who we are will be ours for all time

I'm goin' soul searchin'
But even if you were a Capricorn
I could never let you go

'Cause, I ain't goin' by
Those stars in the sky
I'm goin' by those stars in your eyes
But if you do (unknown) I'll be good to you 
Come on we're goin' on an outlaw's honeymoon 

Goin' up the country honey, don't you want to go? 
can't shake it I breath all alone I need nothing, 
I can do by the pound the tension's mountin' wrapped around me feelin' tight 
I'm goin' home

on your snake-skinned boots
And your faded blues
We're goin' to the square danc 
To doe se doe
After the barrel racin' at the rodeo
I said "I
"Boy, ain't you got any other songs than these?" 
I go walkin' after midnight, goin' where the lonely go 
I got heartaches by the number, hear that
nothin... you're bluffin
But I'm callin your bluff to see if you're really tough
Show me your stuff... enough!
Shut up, close your mouth, put away your tap
screaming my name,
(I'll be your batteries)
So put your toys away,
(I'll be your batteries)
Girl I'm gonna keep goin' goin' goin' goin'
Goin' goin' goin
two by two, me and you

(If it don't take two)
If it don't take two
(If it don't take two)
If I'm not with you
No it ain't worth goin' through
If it
oh, Indianapolis,
Yeah, Indianapolis, Indianapolis
Let's go back to Indianapolis
Because it's the home of the gamma ray

Sure, I'm gettin'
Gotta keep drinkin' my life away
For eternity.  Good enough for Bond Scott, good enough for me.

Constantly I'm approached by
rhymes ya callin'
So hard, hell I crack the shell on ya candy coatin'
If the shoes fit like Alan I be too thick
Ever since you hit, yo my new chicks