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green Isaac, 
I hear you're still wet 
Behind the ears,
Isaac's a soft name, 
It sounds like a pocketful of rain.
Well up that stairway he rose,
Love, what is love without trust
At my word would you bring your isaac

Son, I loved you at your darkest
Abraham took Isaac's hand
And led him to the lonesome hill
While his daughter hid and watched
She dare not breathe, she was so still
Just as an angel
If you see me walkin' down the street
And I start to cry each time we meet
Walk on by, walk on by

Make believe that you don't see the tears
You'll take good care of me

We cannot go by what we see
It's all about faith and the trust theory
Big as a boulder or small as a seed
It's all about faith
with me
For my heart of hearts is bound to You

Though I walk through valleys low
I'll fear no evil
By the waters still my soul
My heart will trust
of your thigh
Withheld my name, yet from determined hold I could not fly
Though every tendon came undone

Would you take a bound-up Isaac's place?
and stole the proof of our history truth

Now they question proof of our origin 
I reply by saying proof is in our lionage
The lion of father Abraham, Isaac
Not in our town.

The cop was not unfriendly. He said, "Ma'am, if I were you,
I'd take down that menorah, the Star of David, too."
Isaac's mother
it's our beat
Play reggae music because it was ordered
By the Messiah Marcus Garvey

Trust me, trust me, trust me
Why don't you trust me, trust me,
Taylor & zac: "go back to the island boy"
Ya, ya, ya, ya,
Taylor & zac: "are you ready? how ya goin' get there? "
Isaac: "by mail boat"
Taylor & zac: "are
at you this hour
We got Public Enemy's brand new sounds
We got Curtis Mayfield, we also got something coming at you
An old one from Isaac Hayes, a brand
[Isaac Hayes]
When the sun goes down and the moon comes up
You can see a lot of things if you look deep enough
It's all around

The city
so many things I never asked you
There are so many things I still don't know
There are so many things you never told me
And still so many things
pushed away you were lead astray
You were dragged up the garden path
I made damn sure that I never (Ever)
Did things by half
Trust me
Trust me
pushed away you were lead astray
you were dragged up the garden path
i made damn sure that i never (EVER)
did things by half
trust me
trust me

And I will 
Show you a man who knows his history 
Show you a man who knows about his roots 
Show you a man who understands 
That God will
other way
To be happy in Jesus
But to trust and obey

Lord, I love You
Please help me to trust and obey
Lord, I love You
Please help me to trust and obey
looked to you,
I always looked to you,
I always looked to you.

We fought for good, stood side by side,
Our friendship never died.
On stranger waves,
a grip
Did you know Isaac Newton
Was a virgin when he died

A hundred thousand naked woman
Running on the beach
In such a state of wild abandon
About what I'm suppose to do
I need to tell the truth
And do what's right by you

I need to speak my mind
And let my heart run free
Your pain will

There ain't nothing that you done to deserve His mercy, and His grace
Can I get a witness on that? 
Thank ya Isaac
You were bout to lose
We keep it tight aight?  Hangin out, with that night vision

[Isaac Hayes]
I bust into this night club
I can see you perpetraters
Passin out your
So you fake you're full and you feel tomorrow
Coming and you gotta do what you can do to get
Away with everything you want and still get what you
And God of Isaac reign blessings from above
Hashem of Abraham will show me the way
I go down on my knees and this is what I pray