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'm Jewish, my nigga Drake he Jewish
I swear to god I ain't nervous, okay I swear to god I ain't nervous
I swear to god I ain't nervous, I say, I swear to god I
'm Jewish
My nigga Drake he Jewish
I swear to God I aint nervous, naw

Ok, I swear to God I ain't nervous
I swear to God I ain't nervous
I say
nervous, don't be nervous, I know your nervous
See I heard it, oh oh
You ain't fooling no body but yourself
I been knowing about you for a while 
I been

I don't wanna make you nervous, baby. I don't wanna make you nervous

I don't think you can. I ain't been nervous in a minute, in a while
Ain't no sense in crying Lord I'd rather see you smile
Come down from the city life and stay with me awhile
There's so much that nature wants
Gotta do what I gotta do, yeah)
All my exes live in Texas like I'm George Strait
Or they go to Georgia State where-
Tuition is handled by some
Maureen, Maureen,
I shot a doctor last night on the airplane
Well, they said he wouldn't hurt us
But he got me real nervous and mean
He was fat
ain't banging I ain't waving no flag
I'm ATF but they ain't seein no badge
Its heartbreak Drake I hate to see 'em so sad
I could son you, see a little
ain't fuck, then you ain't get your dick wet
I see your little chain
I see your little dreads, tryin' to be a Lil Wayne, shit
I used to wanna be a little
You see what I'm sayin'?
Ooh, yeah she bad
I, I, I, I
You stuttering you ain't got nothing for her, that's all me
I'm just nervous that you gon'
Well i never did crawl and i never did toe the line
No man is a master to me, i ain't that kind
I just put on my travelin' shoes
If you want
'em take control
This one thing you do
Don't let 'em taint your soul
If you believe in God
One things for sure
If you ain't aim too high
Then you
Breathe oh breathe now smother me
So clever me, I'm onto you
My oh my, now testify
I'm guilty by my clouds on you

Where you been?
How far'd
even trip
When friends say
You ain't bringing drake along
You know that
I been working I be there
Soon as I make it hooome
And she patient in my
I think I might have gone and inked you in

Little by little, inch by inch
We built a yard
With a garden in the middle of it
It ain't much,
made y'all
Yeah yeah yeah
I'm aware of the ego
Go go
I ain't stressed by the time I take y'all
No no no
It's all apart of the show

[Verse 1]

You comin off innocent actin all nervous and
Girl I can tell that you been here before
By the way that you pop your hips and the way
'm servin' I pay a bird for that
He nervous I ain't got no word for that
He heard and want all of his purses back
He mixing the seal with the percocets
Cracking up getting ready to go
Had enough I can't take any more
No pills that I can take
This is too real and there ain't no escape

It scares
Yo, I never fucked Wayne, I never fucked Drake
All my life, man, fuck's sake
If I did I did a menage with 'em
And let 'em eat my ass like a cupcake
See I done been discriminated against
Talked about by my friends
Played a fool by women
And had a daddy with no feelings
I lived in ghettos with
a Juice scene
No it ain't a movie, diamonds in by new gleam
Dead tone 'cause the redbones is my new thing

Nigga, I do things, let the coupe sing
rappers nervous prom night nigga
I've grown tired of these fucking grown man liars
Storytellers, they ain't even need a campfire
Uh, but I just wanna tell
Cracking up getting ready to go
Had enough I can't take any more
No pills that I can take
This is too real and there ain't no escape

It scares
the country
And we live by the code
That if it feels good; we're gonna do it
There ain't no middle of the road 

And no one's gonna tell me
How to live my