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Ninety miles an hour
And I can feel the power
Shake my wheels

As I hit one hundred
I find out just how good
The road can feel

It's all I
to fall

And while I'm counting my regrets
I'm gonna smoke 100 cigarettes
You know how I'm feeling?

My porch light is on and I've unlocked my door
me all of my hate
To learn how my life came together
Releasing the demons again

And now I look through my minds eye
And see where my past needs
run, and this is their sad story
How some get drunk on demon rum and some get drunk on glory

Now they marched down Texas way to the banks of the Rio
and left behind

I've sung a hundred songs of longing, 
Of sweet regret and hope run dry
I've searched for melody and rhyme, 
But never saw how time can
Talking to demons that fly through the room
When I'm home late and she's gone out of tune
No more excuses, I'm being locked out
The key to her heart
one or nothing can change the way I feel, 

I don't regret, never ever telling you lies, 
Regret, not having a chick on the side 
Regret That I ever
The sun is warm as the day is long
I just got the feeling I can do no wrong
I've got a long way to walk
Can't afford my next meal
I tell a few
Till you fall face down on the floor
All I can do is just moan the blues
And dream about what I had before
Hey you never know just how good
 to tell you how it feels
She lives on a rock
 surrounded by light
She's young and she's wild
 and she's treating me right

I'm preparing
got your demons, and she's got her regrets
But you've got your demons, and she's got her regrets

Feel like a brand new person
So how will I know
How we all could live

No regrets, they don't work
No regrets now, they only hurt
(We've been told you stay up late)
I know they're still talking
what you would've done if you was in my shoes
I never sweat confrontation, loc, 'cause I'm a kneela
So how you feel with the real, devil, this is demon
of delight

There's a goddess in the doorway
Asking how much can I take
And it looks like she's heading my way
There's a goddess in the doorway

Now I am one with them 
No longer by your side 
Sit back and hold on tight 
Get ready for the ride 
All I can say and do is surrender to this misery
one by one
My plans and hopes have tumbled down my castle of dreams plunged to the ground

How can you face me after what you've done
Every time I get near your field of gravity 
You look so sad to me, tell how could that be? 
Ah, ah, she said things I obsess I would never confess
I've dealt with my ghosts and faced all my demons
Finally content with a past I regret
I've found you find strength in your moments of weakness
had a hundred more to give
Girl, there's so little time and so much I want to do
But I've only got one life to love someone like you

Can't take my
Only thing on my mind is gettin' back to my baby again

How far to Waco
Two hundred miles to New Mexico
Albuquerque by mornin' light
Six hours
i can't get these thoughts out of my head 
i'm gonna shut down 
i need someone to listen i need a friend 
by me 
nothing seeems right when i live
And kill this doubt
You can devour your demons
But they'll never let you go

There's no turning back
From here
No turning back my friend

I'm leaving
spray til they decay
The ones who hate everyday
But how long? (Must we flash and pop)
How long? (Must we show demons we can't be stopped)

[Tech N9ne]
the astral plane we race 
The universe my fingers trace 
And I am lost forever in my mind

Dark sisters join my night flight 
See how far you can climb
The universe my fingers trace
And I am lost forever in my mind

Dark sisters join my night flight
See how far you can climb
Holt's with us