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I'm gonna open up the window and let in October
And roll up my sleeves in the rain

Roll out on the freeway with a heart a little harder
Desolate October grief
Falls heavy like boulders of decay
Upon crestfallen life which soon
Is to be gone

And as the days go by
All living seems
Yeah most of all
I love
I love the tree's of gold
Against the blue
October sky
I love to feel the sea
Runnin' over my feet
As the waves
October, in October,
We report our victories to you, our Revolution.
And to the heritage left by you for us
From a shack by a mountain stream 
To a room in New Orleans 
So far from my Blue Ridge Mountain home 
The men I meet ain't warm and friendly
I hope by December
You would come to your senses
You think of me and you remember
Oh how love
Can sneak up on you
And tell you jus' what to do
How can there be trouble in this world? 
With the color in these hills, the blue October sky, 
this little road that winds along the river. 
Her hair was golden brown and she wore blue jeans
And she told me that she cried a lot
I told her not to worry 'bout the little things
by the riverside
Cast their shadows Grey as stone
And the cool October days replacing
Much warmer thoughts of home
I can still see grandma sittin'
(Dolly Parton)

From a shack by a mountain stream 
To a room in New Orleans 
So far from my Blue Ridge Mountain home 
The men I meet ain't warm
Beck here the leaves are turning
On me just like you
Change is full of color
And it's anything but blue

I thought that I'd stop living
Late last night at rest with my mate
I'm visited by a victim of hate
A spectoral group, yet they're one and the same
They would never live
Nor would
Nineteen hundred seventy three
My second cousin Calvin and me
We loaded down his old blue green Corvair
And headed for the State Fair

Was mid
strived the valley sides
Reached the bright blue castle
It appeared in defiant solitude
Spreading scraps of paint
Out on the October sky surface
From inside
grey Mexican suit
The blue eyed traffic can sashay by
'Cause tonight the sailor boys have hit Shanghai
The kick-out traffic goes creaking by
I smash
Calmed the heart of a lonely lady,
You kept me flying high,
And the leaving easy.
And it's Dallas in the rain,
And I was dreaming.

October winds
T-Bone Steak Blues Trk 6 Dsc 1 3:40 
Sleepy John Estes
(John Adams Estes)
James 'Yank' Rachell - Vocal & mandolin
Sleepy John Estes - guitar
don't rain down
Hope it all don't fall on me
The sun is shining in my sleep
In the shade's so cool and green
The blue sky's over me 
Stop tossing
standing by the live oak tree, in our yard on Canyon Lake
And I'm driving under miles and miles of clear blue Texas skies
Some strangers in a pick-up truck,
flames, October ashes
Southern skin and blue jean flashes
Strike a match and light a memory
We never said goodbye, we let it fly into thin air
Tonight I'm
to you

Must you sing of days gone by
Must you always sigh

Tell me why your song is sad, never glad
Blue River, Blue River
Do you hold the memory
Maybe some of them had hopes of seeing me again
Some even said that my judge Judge Gerald Culkin
Wouldn't play it by the book
Maybe let us off the hook
behind on the road 
Hal died in my arms 
We buried him by the river 
Blue poles infinitely winding, as I write, as I write 
Blue poles infinitely
tryna fuck for months, baby girl, it's now or never
Got the condo on the beach, hope through our storms we shall weather
We shinin' when it's pitch dark
Friday night butterflies,
Like clockwork they'd arrive...
A little chill and the October sky.
Nervous till the kickoff game,
Four quarters win