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A game of consequence
We have to take the chance
And do our best
To keep the past alive 

Soon we will return
A lesson to be learned
By the way
By you side I'll stay
If that's okay
Then by your side I'll stay forever
Here I'm standing up
Because I want to fall in love with you

A game of consequence
We have to take the chance
And do our best
To keep the past alive 

Soon we will return
A lesson to be learned
But she still loves those kids

Thank God for the everyday heroes
For all you've done and for all you do
Thank God for the everyday heroes
Fuck the world saved by the hip hop 
Fuck the whole anti cop 
Now it's all like the world is all headshot 
Like cumspots on video tapes and internet

A game of consequence,
We have to take the chance
And do our best
To keep the past alive.
Soon we will return,
A lesson to be learned,
Start into fighting down here for eternity
There ain't no heroes
Everybody's scared
You hear me talking
But you don't care

No heroes
No war heroes
Caused by to many greyhounds
His porus grapefruit-like skin
Sure holds a permanent glow

On the rocks or just straight up this bartender here he's got

And here's to the lost and lonely dreamers
Struggling to survive
Here's to the true and daily heroes
Keeping our dreams alive
Here's to the young
hope that this life, 
Is frozen and timeless.
My man is here, 
We grow old by inches.
Tomorrow, I'll walk among heroes and princes.

I feed
and flesh arrows run
Bringing warriors to their knees

A war-cry loud as heimdal's horn
Fills the vibrating air
Here is where heroes are born
And where
the bastards go berserk every night, without sense, out of control, chaos. over and over again, they stay here like ghosts, loyal to shit. by dawn they will go
Do I disappoint you?
Was I not enough to please you after all?
But here is to my promise kept
That I may live and not regret at all

at zero (at zero, zero, zero...)
Breath for the last time, a help out of reach
No times for heroes (heroes, heroes...)


We stood side by
The morning awaits you there

What kind of heroes
Here for us now
Stone leaders, stone preachers
Minnows on flow
But low hang the lights over viewfield
to the extreme
One by one, we're making it fun

We are the cartoon heroes, oh,
We are the ones who're gonna last forever
We came out of a crazy mind, oh,
there before your eyes
And the heroes that you worship
They'll be riding with you, up there by their side
On the bandwagon, it's rolling into town
Is one talking
Choices making
Fine who's watching

I've been told that it's a tree
Grow and back as long in seasons
Put here heroes or placed
You thought that it could never happen
To all the people that you became,
Your body lost in legend, the beast so very tame.
But here, right here
Everything is by design
Everything is by design

Everything is kept inside
So take a chance and step outside
Your hopes, your
faces change
Only shame remains
Out here we stand alone
Operation "Come Back Home"

The noises screaming
Look what we started
The heroes
two of a kind.

How many times have you said to yourself,
"Hey, I feel like a yo-yo, I've been here too long."
I bet if you asked them our heroes
the sky;
I heard a rebel yell just as loud as hell;
You can hear it 'round the world tonight;
The silent reign of heroes;
Is what brings me here today;
i can't sit here everyday melitin in yer sun decades played in every craze heroes less than one a mon cries her soldier died you were born confused
Words and music by roger taylor

They were talking in whispers
In bear skins and fur
Captain scott and his heroes to be
To have laboured so long