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Roy Acuff Minnie Pearl Eddy Aronld Johnny Cash Willie Nelson
Randy Travis Garth Brooks Reba McIntire Whispering Bill Anderson
Whispering Bill Anderson?
Now where's my God damn trophy

(Award host)
"And the winner is Randy Travis
And Guns and...hey what the?"
(Willie D)
"GET the fuck outta the way
Whoa whoa ooh
It's on me girl, to stop fightin' and work this out, knahmsayin? f'real

(good morning heartache) 
Good morning heartache, good morning
She works day and night in a dingy cafe
Feedin' locals and passers by
She never complains of a heartache and pain
But sometimes she breaks down

Man I've tried to kill the pain by shooting whiskey through my brain
But it never works it only makes it worse
So tonight I'm here again throwing
She works day and night in a dingy cafe
Feedin' locals and passers by
She never complains of a heartache and pain
But sometimes she breaks down
She'd be right by his side
If he would just let her
They can't find the center, how lonely that feels
She's stuck in a heartache, he's spinning his
Leroy was a farmer and an honest man 
Would have lived in Oklahoma all his days 
He just wanted left alone to work a piece of land 
But a hard
If life was simple
Every day like Sunday afternoon
There'd be no reason
To wake up, fight back, be a better you

Come dance by the fire
a bunch of kids possibly sell more than me 
and Randy Travis kickin all that country madness?
Failing star, failing guitar or a banjo
Your whole artform
check my history eventually you'll get told the same nigga big dogs a damn fool a fixture in the game and I play it by my own rules damned if I'mma change
talking about
The look in your eyes
Me, my partner Nem is giving a standing ovation
Girl tonight
So go on stretch it out
'Cause I'm gonna work it good
Said have to do my share of work, the hooker had mad mice
Was like a fleet of them niggas, though was kind of fun to be
Ill treatin them, clean 'em in
to be loved

Everyday life is moving faster
Grace is trying by it just won't work
She knows her life
Is headed for disaster
Never knew how much
hell if it doesn't work out
Well, that's just the way it goes

Got a job making Margaritas
In a little bar by the pier
Till he finally made some
one I trust
How many weeks until I leave this heartache in the dust

Doctor time, have mercy on me
Don't wait too long to set me free
Oh radio, play me that sweet heavenly song
Well, it's Saturday night and we all get into town

Broken by heartache but driven by her sound
stuff up, y'all feel good?
Yo, what the hell y'all wanna do, Syndicate, tonight, what you wanna do? 
Randy Mac in the place to be, what you
jimmy kimmel
In that palmagranted slam with that roof convert
Five stars under the skirts call it famous foot work
That cali is active when lil kekee got
I'm gonna find true love   This new year     January blues   The nights are dark and cold   The heartaches are frozen so they hount you     February
When you're feeling kind of lonesome in your mind
With a heartache followin' you so close behind
Call out to me as I ramble by.
I'll sing a song for
a million, off of denim
Fuck, watch me switch it up
Walked in, "I'll nigga alert! I'll nigga alert!"
You need that work, I got that work, got bitches in my
these downers
You'll be making such a bad mistake

[Chorus: x2]
It's gonna work itself out, it's gonna work itself out
If you're living in doubt,
without a care
Neighbor to heartache, roommate with despair
Reminded my past is darker
Cause when A.M. died I was staring at Travis Barker
Wishing it
at the computer screen
Feeling so alone and obscene
Getting restless
Getting randy
Getting mean
Lying on a beach in the sun
Looking for a little romance